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Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, a 1986 @AF_Academy  graduate, is the first former commandant of cadets to come back for the three-star job. He's also the first Black superintendent in the school's 66-year history.

"To violate that trust, I think, would be inappropriate for any national security adviser, but certainly for one who is serving on active duty" gen'>Retired Gen. H.R. McMaster on why he didn't write a "tell all" book

AFP chief of staff Gen. Gilbert Gapay asked Facebook to bring back the pages of “advocacy groups” taken down for supposed “coordinated inauthentic behavior.”

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The number of #COVID19  cases at the House rises to 80 after a staff from the office of Speaker Cayetano tested positive for the disease, says House Sec. Gen. Jose Luis Montales. | @erwincolcol 

Lt. Gen Richard M. Clark took over as the Air Force Academy Superintendent Wednesday morning during a Change of Command ceremony at Falcon Stadium.

Congrats to the Top 25 teams of the $1M XPRIZE gen mask challenge'>Next-Gen Mask Challenge! I’m proud to partner with @xprize  and industry leaders to empower our next generation of innovators to change the world. #milliondollarmask  Follow the top 25 teams ⬇️⬇️⬇️

@AramNot  U have a legit question & whoever thinks you're trying to put down mixed Armenians is ignoring clear evidence in front of their face. All they have to do is look @ 3rd Gen Armos in the NE/Midwest whose granpa's last name has been passed down & all they know is "Parev inch bes es "

I’m about to turn in... Which means I’m having deep thoughts... And none bigger than this one: I’m starting to think that pretty much everything is the fault of the ‘Oregon Trail’ generation... Sneaky bunch hiding there between Gen X and the Millennials... Don’t trust them...

Congrats to the Top 25 teams of the $1M XPRIZE gen mask challenge'>Next-Gen Mask Challenge! Proud to partner with @xprize  and industry leaders to empower our next generation of innovators to change the world. #milliondollarmask  Follow our Top 25 teams at


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👀 Let’s make it official! Xbox Series S | gen'>Next-gen performance in the ˢᵐᵃˡˡᵉˢᵗ Xbox ever. $299 (ERP). Looking forward to sharing more! Soon. Promise.

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Xbox Series S 🎮 All-digital next-gen console 🏃 Faster load times 📈 Higher frame rates 🌎 Richer, more dynamic worlds 🔥 Next generation gaming performance 🔎 In our smallest Xbox ever #PowerYourDreams 

College freshmen: Don’t waste your tuition dollars at a 4-year university if all of your classes are going to be on Zoom. Instead, save money and take your gen-eds at your local community college. Your degree will be the same in the end and your wallet will thank you.

My decision to appoint @usairforce  General Charles Brown as the USA’s first-ever African American military service chief has now been approved by the Senate. A historic day for America! Excited to work even more closely with Gen. Brown, who is a Patriot and Great Leader!

Yesterday I wrote to DNI @Richard Grenell requesting the names of those who were involved in Gen Flynn’s unmasking. Today I received the shocking reply that @JoeBiden  and many others knew! What did President Obama know? I am inviting DNI Grenell to testify next week in the Senate

Here’s what the Flynn transcripts show: Gen. Flynn secretly discussed the U.S. response to Russia’s brazen election interference, and lied about it to the FBI and Vice President. No wonder Trump and his allies are trying to re-write history, Because the facts are so damning.

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Shocking! Handwritten notes from Peter Strock implicate Biden and Obama directing FBI to investigate political opponent Gen. Flynn AFTER FBI agents submit that there is not enough evidence to continue investigation! #realFISAreformNOW 

"If you can't treat someone with dignity and respect--then you need to get out."-Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria, Superintendent

A powerful message from Inspector Gen. Atkinson after his retaliatory firing: “The American people deserve an honest and effective government. They are counting on you to use authorized channels to bravely speak up... “Please do not allow recent events to silence your voices.”

Hi, Mr. President -- thanks for tweeting that interview. Gen. Semonite and the Army Corps are indeed doing great work, but at nowhere near the scale that is needed. We're hundreds of thousands of hospital beds behind, months behind schedule, and...