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Johnson approval ratings are markedly better in seats gained by the Tories at GE2019@MSmithsonPB 

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Congratulations to @PeoplesMomentum  for submitting their #GE2019  spending returns to the @ElectoralCommUK  on time. 👏

Our voting system is broken. In GE2019: -Tories got 44% of votes but 56% of seats -14.5m people have an MP they didn't vote for -71% of votes were “wasted” @MakeVotesMatter  are campaigning to #ChangeTheVotingSystem  Join them in #Brighton 

Read the full internal report into what went wrong in the 2019 general election. #GE2019 

When electoral success is built upon duping & enraging an electorate, the compulsory objectivity of senior civil servants & govt workers is unbearable to the regime. When truth is a govt’s enemy, inevitable after Brexit + GE2019, honesty in high places is an existential threat.

Starmer is the first preference of 53% of the Labour electorate, but 67% of Labour members who have joined since GE2019, and 61% of affiliate members. Long Bailey leads by 46% to 43% among those who joined between GE2015 and GE2019

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Some Corbyn backers still not persuaded that GE2019 was the total disaster for their party that it was - @MSmithsonPB ⁩

Any sane inquiry by Labour into #GE2019  would find extreme left frightens voters more than extreme right,but they’d love common sense party.

How a CON majority moved from a 31% chance to victory – the GE2019 betting timeline

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When you're just trying to mind your own business at the bus stop... @MattHancock  #GE2019 

Quick trim before the first TV debate of the #GE2019 . You can watch it tonight at 8pm on ITV. #RealChange 

Phillip Schofield shouts at Jeremy Corbyn 'Just say sorry!' as pair clash over anti-Semitism in Labour#GE2019 

Jeremy Corbyn gets caught out trying to pretend he watches the Queen's speech... this is awkward. #GE2019 

This phone-in with Liberal Democrat Sam Gyimah started badly and got worse and worse. @EddieMair  | #GE2019 

It's here at last! Labour's 2019 election anthem - Hey Big Spender #GE2019 

Marr: "You are chuntering." PM: "You are interrupting - people might be more interested in my answers than your questions." #GE2019  #Marr