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@JimMFelton  I thought I’d be fair and read his argument....which is that NZ has suffered economic damage....but then he admits their drop in GDP is less proportionately than the UK 🧐

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Trump: "GDP is going through the roof" Verdict: The latest numbers show a record fall in GDP during the pandemic However the next set of figures, due out at the end of October, are expected to show a record increase

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GDP is forecast to expand by 7.4% in 2021 after contracting by an estimated 4.5% this year

Trump claims "GDP is going through the roof"! Hmm. A Columbia University study just found an additional 8 million Americans have slipped into poverty since May.

Friend says if Bangladesh's per-capita GDP is indeed higher than India we may now see reverse migration from Assam to Bangladesh! Smart thinking! #Bangladesh  #GDPGrowth 

Doubt the Happiness Index will do it for you, India. GDP is a misnomer, India should develop own economic model: RSS functionary (Fyi, RSS is a group closely affiliated with the current administration in India)

@Noahpinion  But solving unemployment which I care about is hard so small contributions to a hard problem I value because gdp is a big number elegant solutions to dumb questions I could care less about as gdp is a big number they can play games in their spare time as a hobby

Bangladesh overtaking India in percapita GDP sparks furore Bangladesh’s per capita GDP is expected to grow 4 per cent in 2020 to $1,888 #bangladeshi  #India 

"India's GDP is expected to contract 9.6 per cent in the fiscal year that started in March," the World Bank said in its latest issue of the South Asia Economic Focus report.


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The idea behind W-GDP is simple: When women are economically empowered, they reinvest that wealth in their families and communities. In 1600 Daily, what W-GDP has accomplished in one year:

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“Trump has set Economic Growth on fire. During his time in office, the economy has achieved feats most experts thought impossible. GDP is growing at a 3 percent-plus rate. The unemployment rate is near a 50 year low.” CNBC...Also, the Stock Market is up almost 50% since Election!

The US economy limped along with 2.3% GDP growth a year after Trump’s massive tax cuts for the world’s biggest corporations. As warned, CEOs used the transfer of billions to buy back stock instead of expanding businesses and hiring new workers. The Dow is high. The GDP is low.

@PiyushGoyal  says #India 's #Economy  is set to take off. He is wrong. The GDP is slowing & the fiscal deficit is growing. #Modi  & #BJP  divide Indians on religious grounds with #CAA2019  & ignore key economic issues. India's economy is destined to sink.

Former Chief Economic Advisor, Arvind Subramanian, finds that the govt's new formula to calculate GDP is completely baseless. In the first few years of BJP rule the GDP was closer to 4.5% rather than 7% as the govt. has been claiming.

From the party that claims to be #ForThePeople : “GDP is great, unemployment is at an all-time low, African Americans are doing well, Hispanics are doing well, wages are rising at the fastest pace in ten years–BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.” – (h/t )

Don’t be fooled by what looks like strong 3.2 percent GDP growth for first quarter, announced this morning. It was boosted by inventories and exports. Consumer demand (70 percent of GDP) is weak. Sales to domestic purchasers are on downward trend. Watch your wallets, folks.

I have sent word to Rajnath to revise the Manifesto on two blunder:a) Doubling of farmers income by 2022 means a 24% per year growth rate which is unbelievable given past world record, best can be 10% per year. b)India’s comparable GDP is 3rd largest not 6th.

Why do BJP Ministers keep repeated Western obfuscation that India's GDP is six largest in the world? A correct calculation shows India as third largest.

As you can see from this chart, GDP is an incomplete measure of a country’s growth:

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