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She is a globally recognised brand. She has moved among the movers and shakers from the UN and the African Union to the World Economic Forum, WEF. She is currently Board Chair of Gavi, the global Vaccine Alliance. Read more at:

Congratulations @gavi ! We're proud to work together to vaccinate millions of children each year. #VaccinesWork 

#VIDEO  Gates' foundation pledged $7.4 billion to global vaccines alliance Gavi in June to help immunisation programmes disrupted by coronavirus

Dr. Seth Berkley (@GaviSeth), CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, received a leadership award at Fortune's Brainstorm Health virtual conference on Wednesday. #FortuneHealth 

"Gavi can change the rules of the game and turn the Covid-19 vaccine into a global public good. " @kateelder  says it's time for Gavi to deliver on their promise to bring vaccines to everyone in the world. More via @guardianopinion 

“Two billion doses have already been ordered. The company has agreed to supply over a billion doses to Europe, Britain, America, and gavi, a vaccine finance group.” 💉🧬🧫🦠😷

Great meal tonight. Pan fried sea bass, rosemary saute potatoes and a courgette, tomato and red pepper mix with basil and balsamic vinegar. Accompanied by a nice bottle of Gavi. Oh, and I'm at home. #sodthepub 

MSF, together with over 40 civil society organizations have written a letter to Gavi Board Members and the Gavi Secretariat ahead of the Board meeting this week, outlining civil society’s serious concerns with the COVAX Facility:

Gavi CEO updates on how far we are from a #COVID19  #vaccine  more:

Tweet now deleted. But here's the screenshot showing the bonkers conspiracy theory. Links Chris Whitty and Neil Ferguson to Gates (whose work with Gavi has saved millions of lives through vaccines).


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A wonderful day for @gavi  & for global health. Gavi’s replenishment today, June 4th targeted $7.4 bil and raised $8.8 bil for life saving vaccines including Covid19 vaccine delivery. 52 countries, 35 Heads of state, civil society, private sector all participated. Thank you all!

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Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chair of the Board of Gavi and Nigeria’s former Finance Minister, has been nominated by #Nigeria  as a candidate for the post of WTO Director-General. @NOIweala  @TradeInvestNG  @AbujaMFA  #WTODG 

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India stands in solidarity with the world in challenging times. India pledges USD 15 Million to GAVI, the international vaccine alliance.

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Top contributors to the WHO last year (assessed + voluntary contributions) 1 US $893m 2 Gates Foundation $531m 3 UK $435m 4 Gavi Alliance $371m 5 Germany $292m 6 Japan $215m 7 UN OCHA $192m 8 Rotary Intl $143m 9 World Bank $133m 10 European Commission $131m China $86m

Covid-19! Gavi reallocates $200 mil plus in grants immediately available to partner developing countries to purchase test kits, face masks, and other equipment and strengthen health systems @gavi 

Since 2000, has vaccinated 700 million children, saving more than 10 million lives. That kind of progress is thanks to the many Gavi alliance partners, including the UAE. #vaccineswork 

This is so hard to say but Gavi passed away today. I love you gavi. I love you more than you will ever know.

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi begins his tour titled #JanaAashirwadaYatre  today. During the course of the day he'll be visiting the Huligemma Temple and the Gavi Siddeswara Mutt. #RGInKarnataka 

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We pause to remember Jason 'Gavi' Gaviati. #WeAreGavi 

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Can’t thank all of you enough for your understand during these past few days. We finished the tour because that’s what Gavi would’ve wanted.