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"Colorado’s oil and natural gas production yield massive benefits to family budgets and elevated quality of life that accrue to energy consumers locally, nationally and on a global scale." @ryanzornCO  @dnvrgazette 

"Restricting oil and gas production in the U.S. will significantly drive up energy costs, forcing manufacturers and small businesses to close –– further hurting jobs and our economy," Anne Bradbury, @AXPC_US . @thehill 

Domestic production of crude #oil  in August fell 6.3% from a year earlier while natural gas output dropped 9.5%.

California Bioenergy and Chevron announced they are teaming up with local farmers to help bring renewable natural gas production to Kern County.

#RoyalDutchShell is considering cutting the cost of #oil  and gas production by up to 40 percent in an effort to save money and shift towards renewable energy and power markets.

#DailyGPI #EP  Lower Natural Gas Production Seen Driving $2 Price Jump this Winter

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$BDX #Budimex  S.A. ... DM BOŚ: Daily research report – date 22.09.2020: Headlines Large-cap companies news … 2 PGNiG: Increase in natural gas production target in Norway PKN Orlen, Energa: Plans to delist Energa, tender offer for 100%… #equity  #stocks 

Shell to cut up to 40% from oil and gas production to prepare for energy transition

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@BP_plc  is undertaking a major strategic pivot to #renewableenergy , with billions in investments by 2030. The company will reduce oil and gas production in favor of bioenergy, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage.

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Step 1: Decommission all nuclear power because it’s scary Step 2: Ban natural gas power production because global warming Step 3: Import power from coal-burning plants in another state because that doesn’t count Step 4: Totally unpredictable energy shortage turn off power

This feels like the most serious announcement from a =n oil major: after years of pressure from activists, BP to cut oil and gas production 40% by 2030. Far from perfect, but far from normal

A nation that doesn’t learn from its mistakes will make the same ones again Remember,OPEC cut production back in the 70s and there were lines at gas stations How in the name of common sense could we have let China control the making of the medicine America depends on Stupid!!!

Monthly unemployment claims are DOWN 23.6%. Naturalgas production is UP 33.7%. Pennsylvania is WINNING under President@realDonaldTrump !

“Hunter took the position with a Ukrainian natural gas company just a few weeks after his father visited Ukraine in 2014 to urge its government to increase its natural gas production. Hunter Biden had no expertise in Ukraine or natural gas.”

Under President Trump, "the United States saw the most massive annual increase in oil and natural gas production in history last year." ?

Last year, America saw its biggest annual increase in oil and natural gas production in history—and "Trump is using America's vast oil and natural gas resources as a tool of influence around the world," Dan Eberhart wrote in CNN.

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U.S. energy dominance—the record under this President: We're the largest crude oil producer on Earth. We're a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957. Energy production hit record highs in 2018. Mining and oil+gas extraction pushed economic growth in 49 states.

I collected water from drains&made mini 'collector' to collect water bubbles, used a drum to make a gas holder. When tested,system was functional. I connected it to a gas stove&made tea: Shyam Rao Shirke, mechanical contractor who patented production of bio-CNG from sewage sludge

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Despite big bipartisan opposition, President Trump goes all-in on offshore fossil fuel drilling – a double threat to our environment, even as U.S. oil/gas production is already at record high. More corporate looting, courtesy of .