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Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said Brady was just one member of a criminal gang that carried out the crime and Gardaí remain committed to bringing all those involved in to justice.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is restricting his movements after being in close contact with a person who later tested positive for Covid-19

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties has written to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris querying the presence of gardaí at the eviction.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has paid tribute to members of the force who have lost their lives on duty. He was speaking at a commemoration in Roscommon for Garda Henry Byrne and Detective Garda John Morley, who were shot dead 40 years ago | More:

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris says Detective Garda Colm Horkan "epitomised what all of us as members of An Garda Síochána should strive to be".

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris says Detective Garda Colm Horkan's policing service was characterised by his hard work and diligence and the manner of his death should not eclipse his life

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said Garda Horkan epitomised what all gardaí aspire to be and although his loss will be greatly felt by the garda family, the greatest loss will be felt by his family and offered his sincere condolences to them


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Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said that An Garda Síochána agrees with a PSNI assessment that Sinn Féin and the IRA are overseen by a provisional army council

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris: "People should be very careful about scams, especially regarding testing kits or snake oil type cures for coronavirus."

Sgt Maurice McCabe has been on leave from An Garda Síochána since May 2016. He has now been notified that his application for retirement has been accepted by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

Tomorrow morn 10am in his first exclusive broadcast interview since taking up his new role,I interview Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. Topics include his vision for the force,how he would answer his critics,the intelligence he has&the murder of his father by the IRA

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The use of hoods by gardaí attending a protest on North Frederick Street in Dublin earlier this week was not correct, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said

The organisation representing retired gardaí has written to the incoming Garda Commissioner Drew Harris expressing concern regarding his testimony at the Smithwick Tribunal six years ago

Relative of McGurk's Bar bombing takes High Court Challenge against appointment of Drew Harris as Garda Commissioner