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Under a "rotation" arrangement that was part of a coalition deal in May, Gantz is due to take over from Israel's longest-serving leader in November 2021.

'Stop the free-fall to election': Netanyahu blasts Gantz for backing vote to dissolve Knesset

'Stop the free-fall to election': Netanyahu blasts Gantz for backing vote to dissolve Knesset

Israel's fragile government may be on the brink of collapse after gantz'>Benny Gantz, head of one half of the governing coalition, voted in favour of dissolving parliament. The move brings about the prospect of a 4th general election in two years for the state.

#Israel ’s IL parliament has moved to dissolve the government, a step that could push the country to hold its fourth elections in two years. @irris  says the power-sharing agreement between Netanyahu and Gantz has not worked out, with elections now increasingly likely

Gantz breaks with Netanyahu, votes with opposition to dissolve parliament

If the Israeli people are to follow COVID-19 regulations, trust and faith in the Knesset and its leaders - Prime Minister Benjamin@netanyahu  and Alternate Prime Minister BennyGantz - needs to be built up. Analysis by @HerbKeinon  | #COVID19 

Gantz’s actions in recent weeks prove that even if his nerves are stretched, he will never stop aiming for compromise, Ravit Hecht writes


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1. Gantz is sabotaging the Trump peace deal and trying to delay in hopes of Biden’s election. Biden is a puppet of Israel-hating AOC, Omar, J Street, et al.  Meanwhile, Gantz couldn’t win election to dog catcher in Israel today.

1. The shameless buffoon, gantz'>Benny Gantz, will do absolutely anything for power, including defying the Israeli electorate & empowering the Arab parties that literally reject the very existence of the state of Israel.

Netanyahu's conservative block actually crushed Gantz's block, but the Israeli press is so leftwing and so lousy, you wouldn't know it.

1. gantz'>Benny Gantz hires staff that compare our president to Hitler. This is the second top aide. What a monumental disaster if the Israeli people install Gantz as prime minister.

Netanyahu calls on Gantz to fire his Trump-hating lieutenants

Gantz ally & Netanyahu opponent explicitly campaigning to kill the Trump peace plan, just as I predicted -- that is, the Arab parties, which do not believe in the Israeli state, will never allow their political allies to institute the Trump peace plan.

Netanyahu’s opponent, advised by Obama Democrats, pledges ties to Democrats if he wins.  That underscores what I’ve been saying: the Trump-Israel peace plan will be endangered by a Gantz win

1. gantz'>Benny Gantz has spent the last year trying to ruin Benjamin Netanyahu.  That’s his entire purpose as he’s a chameleon on policy.  And he even partners with Arab parties that don’t accept the state of Israel.

1. Gantz, the chameleon who stands only for replacing Netanyahu at all costs, is now campaigning on the bogus indictments against Netanyahu. He’s proving the entire political nature of the bogus indictments and hopes they’ll bring him to power....

gantz'>Benny Gantz forming the government in Israel and Trudeau and the Liberals winning the most seats is a sign that the wave of Trumpism has crested and the center-left alternative is rising.