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"It irks me that people gave money to GameStop believing they'd get a copy of something special to them and were duped"

GameStop Began The Bear Market With Spencer Jakab

On this day in 2021 GameStop $GME hit its all time closing high of $347.51 ($86.88 split adjusted)

Three anchored volume weighted average price lines on the $GME #GameStop  chart ^

GameStop up 13% today. Why? There needs to be a why? #sarcasm  $GME

GameStop up 13% today. Why? There needs to be a why? #sarcsm  $GME

Armed robber steals cash, video games and more from St. Louis GameStop

GameStop planning to permanently close the Shepherdsville, Kentucky Distribution Center later this year, according to sources.

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Not on holiday yet so I'll allow myself one more thread... The markets are crazy! NFT are just jpegs! Dog coins! Cat coins! Tesla ! GameStop! Everyone is going to get burned! Don't they realize about discounted cash flows?!!! These people are ruining everything! Green energy?!

This is not GameStop, AMC or even Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s electricity prices in Europe

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Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev defends the company's decision to limit trading on some symbols following the GameStop stock chaos, saying they must "prudently manage the risk and the deposit requirements."

Robinhood has stopped allowing users to buy GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry, and Nokia stock.

Note: Robinhood absolutely should not be stopping trading of GameStop. Market mechanisms include the reality that some people will attempt to game the market mechanisms -- and some will pay the price. Restricting who can buy and sell is using a hammer on free markets.

A 20-year-old college student donated multiple Nintendo Switch consoles and games to Children's Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis after cashing out almost $30,000 in GameStop stock last Wednesday

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Biden team is "monitoring the situation" around GameStop.

If Redditors rallying GameStop is unacceptable market manipulation, what would you call it when greedy Wall Street bankers gambled away our entire economy in 2008 and faced no consequences?

A GameStop sea shanty. The Internet remains undefeated.