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As Viz is out today with the parody of me in it on Bitcoin and for the avoidance of doubt: Buying cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a double gamble that 1 it will rise in value and 2 you will not be robbed when you buy it, store it, or sell it. It is not an investment. Don't do it.

3/ In early 1999, Thiel was the CEO of a tech startup. He decided to use a Roth to buy dirt-cheap shares of that company; a relatively small gamble. But, it could result in a huge payout.

Manitoba reopening plan a ‘gamble’ on the front of Thursday's @WinnipegNews  #WFP 

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Remember to set limits for time and money. Please gamble responsibly.

Brits gamble on foreign beach breaks abroad BEFORE ministers update 'green list' of destinations today

Ambitious infrastructure bills laden with earmarks used to be a formula for a surefire bipartisan win. But Biden’s gamble that a $2 trillion-plus plan to boost everything from roads to schools would bring everyone on board so far hasn’t paid off.

Glaxo needs long-acting HIV gamble to pay off

Brits gamble on foreign beach breaks abroad BEFORE ministers update 'green list' of destinations today

The Raila, NASA gamble. Grab a copy of The Standard at your nearest vendor. Subscribe: #SettingTheStandard 

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Students, faculty members and family friends packed the bleachers of Greenwood Bulldog Arena in solidarity to show support for the Gamble family.


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Josh Hawley's ludicrous clean-up act continues. He just claimed that by enabling Trump's lie about the election, he was "representing" his constituents. Nope. He deliberately misled them, in a cynical gamble on the radicalization of the GOP. New piece:

@jockowillink  says President@realDonaldTrump 's gamble ordering the strike that killed Soleimani was a brilliant move that killed an enemy of America and the Iranian people on #TheBrianKilmeadeShow  @foxnation  @foxnewsradio 

Trump’s closing argument of More Covid, Less Stimulus seems like a bit of a gamble.

Trump was willing to gamble even with the health and lives of his closest aides and donors. Why would anyone believe he has their best interests at heart?

Trump adviser working with WH officials on messaging for pandemic said Trump “took a gamble” that warmer weather would cause Coronavirus to dissipate, siding with aides pushing back on dire warnings coming from doctors. "He took a gamble and got it wrong,” adviser said.

Alabama students attend 'COVID-19 parties,' gamble on who gets sick first

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£9k job losses announced today since 3pm with more to come...the day after we Brexit extension deadline. Do not think this is just about Covid....this is about a Govt prepared to gamble with peoples lives ,jobs, livelihoods.

Big moment this. The Prime Minister is blatantly & demonstrably lying to the British people on live television. Some poor souls will tug their forelocks & welcome it, of course, but the gamble rests on all the previously supportive people who can see it for what it is.

When pressed by Anderson on whether she'd join casino workers on the casino floor if they reopened, Mayor Goodman's response was, "Well, I don't gamble." That sums it up, folks.

Lockdown is being lifted before Govt’s own 5 tests are met Scientists say it's too soon Public health officials say social distancing has broken down Police say new rules are unenforceable It feels as if we are part of huge gamble by a Govt which has lost control of #Covid