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In our post-truth, social media addicted and lonely world, there’s no shortage of easy marks for scammers, grifters and fraud artists to overpromise and then shamelessly under-deliver or deliver nothing at all. Remember the Fyre Festival?

A hearing to approve the settlement — which would pay Fyre Festival ticket holders approximately $7,220 each — is set for May 13.

Billy McFarland is serving a six-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud charges. In 2018, a court ordered him to pay $5 million to two North Carolina residents who spent about $13,000 apiece on VIP packages for the Fyre Festival.

Fyre Festival settlement may award ticketholders more than US$7,000 each

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Nearly 300 people who bought tickets to the Fyre Festival have won a collective $2 million payout in a class-action settlement.

“Billy went to jail, ticket holders can get some money back, and some very entertaining documentaries were made,” said the lead lawyer representing Fyre Festival ticket holders, referring to the event's mastermind, Billy McFarland. “Now that’s justice.”

Nearly 300 people who paid to attend the infamous Fyre Festival won a $2 million payout in a class-action settlement

Fyre Festival settlement may award ticketholders more than $7,000 each.

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Nearly four years after the infamous Fyre Festival stranded thousands of attendees in the Bahamas, 277 ticket holders learned they will receive payouts, pending approval.


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After the success of the Fyre Festival, we bring you the Green New Deal. #GNDisFyre 

The face of someone who will one day relaunch Fyre Festival.

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Basically western civilization is the Fyre Festival.

All of these morons in this administration should take Air Force one and fly straight to that fyre festival, send back Air Force one, and then we can decontaminate it and start again. I can not believe we are starving our own people.

I honestly think Radio 4 should have a moratorium on interviewing Ian Duncan Smith and David Davis about Brexit. They might as well ask the organizer of the Fyre Festival how he’d improve this year’s Glastonbury.