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To our nation’s valiant social media producer’s, congratulations. You will never be tasked with coming up with yet another funny Trump quote tweet again. Today is your day.

The rancid babyman is on a Twitter tear this morning. It was never really funny, but as the nation suffers, it is really offensive and alarming. Hurry, 1201 pm January 20.

Cornell historian Richard Polenberg dies at 83 Genial, inviting, funny, wise - his book One Nation Divisible was a classic; his other work also incisive & influential Lucky to have studied with him and to have drawn on his insight since @davidgura ⁩

‘I want to honour Damilola Taylor and tell people he was loved, that he mattered’ Ahead of the 20th anniversary of his death, @YinkaBokinni  shares her memories with @davidwoode  of the “funny and loving” boy whose death shocked the nation.

I do find it funny that ppl say, the US dollar has value b/c ppl believe it does. lol Total Nonsense. Your belief. My belief. Aren’t necessary or required for the US dollar to have value. Our nation as a super power and it’s government, backs the US dollar.

Bill Easterling is an amazing, humble American. His service to our nation has been remarkable. His new book should be in every patriot's collection. It is funny, exciting, & deeply touching. I highly recommend it.

This time Florida's uniqueness isn't funny: Another little something I did between soccer games @Carl_Hiaasen  @arimoin  @jeremyfaust  @DWUhlfelderLaw  @

Lockdown has been a unique experience for everyone🔐 Here are the images that capture the spirit of the nation through the coronavirus pandemic👏 We're celebrating the heartwarming, emotional and sometimes funny moments that symbolised the national lockdown💪❤️

A Google Maps user jokingly renamed Romania's controversial new cathedral as "the cathedral for making a fool of the Romanian nation”. Romania's government didn't see the funny side.

A Google Maps user jokingly renamed Romania's controversial new cathedral as "the cathedral for making a fool of the Romanian nation”. Romania's government didn't see the funny side.


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‘Funny and cliff-hangingly suspenseful.’ ★★★★★ Daily Telegraph It’s 1974, and Britain has a hung Parliament. The political parties battle to change the future of the nation. We can’t wait to share @mrJamesGraham ’s #ThisHouse  with you next week in #NationalTheatreAtHome .

It’s 1974 and the corridors of Westminster ring with the sound of infighting and backbiting, as Britain’s political parties battle to change the nation's future. #ThisHouse  is a biting, timely and funny play by @mrJamesGraham  , streaming from 28 May with #NationalTheatreAtHome  .

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If it was not so sad it would be downright funny how the Politicians of some of the cities with the biggest murder rates in the nation are clamoring for gun control LEAD BY EXAMPLE YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS

So very sad to hear about the passing of Gay Byrne. He was a giant in broadcasting. He showed us all how it should be done. Generous, funny, informed but more than anything else, completely at ease on air. My thoughts are with Kathleen, the girls and a nation that adored him. G x

just absolute heat. Mustard gas. Ratio of funny things said to things said continues to be astoundingly high. A grateful nation thanks you.

Merry Christmas to the BG Nation.. here's us spreading some xmas cheer w help from @PolarisORV  .. pretty funny haha

Say this LOUDER RT @olivia_D0pe : its funny no mentioned roc nation had to have cleared story of oj sample for pusha soundcloud use

"it's a little bit funny, this feeling inside..." The Nation's Favourite is officially: YOUR SONG ? #EltonSongs 

People of the UK! It's nearly - so let’s get the nation laughing again by sharing funny stuff to help us make #1MillionLaughs 

This is one of the two major political parties in the most powerful nation in the world. Don't laugh. It's not funny.