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‘Live funerals’ and donkey photobombs: Wednesday’s best photos

As this pandemic hopefully comes to an end soon, one thing I don’t think I’ll ever forget & have thought of many times since is when I’ve attended funerals during the covid era where people are crying & have to remind others coming in for a hug that they can’t hug them

Empathy guides you through the logistical and emotional aspects of loss—from funerals to wills to grief counseling.

FEMA opens financial aid for COVID-19 funerals

Roque: Religious gatherings allowed in MECQ until 10% of venue capacity, but LGUs may increase up to 30%. Gatherings for necrological services, wakes, funerals allowed but only for immediate family members | via @pia_gutierrez  #COVID19Quarantine 

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@jamainepunzalan  Roque: Religious gatherings allowed in MECQ until 10% of venue capacity, but LGUs may increase up to 30%. Gatherings for necrological services, wakes, funerals allowed but only for immediate family members | v @pia_gutierrezia  #COVID19Quarantine 

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Delhi govt bans all gatherings except marriages & funerals till 30th April

As funerals for victims in the Boulder, Colorado, shooting are held this week, survivors and families are just beginning to cope with the anger, grief and empty spaces in their lives.

Delhi govt bans all gatherings except for marriages and funerals till 30th April;Public transport and cinema halls to operate with 50% capacity

At Canterbury Cathedral, Edward Elgar's stirring Nimrod was played, the piece of music that accompanies many Britishfunerals and memorial services and is played annually at the Cenotaph in London to mark the National Service of Remembrance.


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This drone footage captures NYC workers burying bodies in a mass grave on Hart Island, just off the coast of the Bronx. For over a century, the island has served as a potter’s field for deceased with no known next of kin or families unable to pay for funerals.

For families, the terrible loss of a loved one to COVID is exacerbated by the costs of funerals and burials many can't afford right now. That's why @Ocasio2018  and I delivered $2 billion for FEMA to pay funeral and burial costs for families in need—including for countless New Yorkers.

We weren’t allowed to have funerals for my husbands parents who both died of Covid in nursing/assisted living facilities or have a gathering to mourn them and yet it’s ok for protesters to get together in huge crowds without masks to tear and burn down big cities.

That was a f*cking disgrace. The rules were crystal clear & people missed weddings, births, deaths & funerals to respect them. For @BorisJohnson  to stand there & bare-faced lie to save his lying hypocrite aide is a slap in the face to everyone who obeyed the rules HE enforced.

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If anything does for Cummings, it will be the stories of other people's endurance. The unattended funerals. The unvisited parents. The struggles to look after our kids while we were sick. Every family in the land has paid a price. And he sees it all as being somehow beneath him.

Things that will get you sick, according to media: - Church - Work - Voting in person - Friends/fam/weddings/funerals - Trump rallies Things that WON’T: - 1000s protesting in streets - Burning down communities Protests started 2 weeks ago. Incubation period is 3-13 days. HACKS!

Italy has banned weddings and funerals for 16 million people. Japan has closed schools for a month. France and Iraq have banned public gatherings. The U.N. has canceled all physical meetings to address climate change. Americans are uncertain what to do about Coachella.

I’ve gone to too many funerals in my own state. I’ve talked to too many mothers who’ve lost their kids in war. I’ve talked to too many soldiers who’ve come home with PTSD, who have come home without arms and without legs.

How this is going to go: America: Outrage, sadness NRA: Complete silence NRA supporter in DC: Thoughts and prayers WH: Statement of grief, praise 1st responders Media: Lamentations, coverage of funerals, candlelight vigils Adds up to: Nothing changes #RepeatTheRitual 

This is like the time Trump said he lost "hundreds" of friends on 9/11. Zero. He lost zero friends on 9/11. He attended zero 9/11 funerals. Zero parents of fallen Korean War soldiers have spoken to Trump. Zero.