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Wearing a mask is required of all travelers at airports, but some have gone above and beyond, donning a full-body coveralls. How much extra protection do these provide?

Burpees are a great full-body exercise—but there are other options

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Young men dole out handshakes or back-slapping “bro-hugs”. Girls treat friends of both sexes to lingering full-body embraces. Is this the cause of the Covid spike, ponders @VictoriaPeckham 

Ghostly apparition or dynamic medical image? Find out how a new PET scanner creates full-body 3D movies that promise new insights on cancer, HIV/AIDS, and more. On my blog. #NIH 

Meet the first autonomous humanoid robot with full-body artificial skin

An Austrian man beat his own record for the longest full-body contact with ice cubes on Saturday.

My life as a dental hygienist: 'A mask, face shield and a full-body gown... it gets hot'

Full-body cryotherapy starts at -166 degrees, but the serious chill can bring recovery and health benefits.

I get full-body chills every time Gabby Giffords shows how much progress she's made and how much she's overcome.

Real-life ‘Superman' father leaps to stop a toppling full-body mirror from smashing into his toddler daughter


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A full-body sterilization booth is being trialed at the Hong Kong International Airport. The “CLeanTech” booth is coated in an antimicrobial covering that can kill viruses and bacteria on clothing and human skin, according to @hkairport  #Covid19 

Across NYC, animal specialists in full-body personal protective gear enter homes to feed, at no charge, famished pets whose owners are hospitalized with the virus, or to take custody of pets belonging to patients who do not return home

Hong Kong International Airport is putting some staff through full-body disinfecting booths to help stop the spread of COVID-19

Playing an instrument is like giving yourself a full-body brain workout. These are the long-term positive effects of being a musician:

The two municipal swimming pools in the southeast French city of Grenoble have been shut down, despite the current heatwave, after a row over the use of full-body Islamic burkini swimsuit, the local mayor said

honestly one of the best pop songs & arrangements, still gives me full-body chills !!

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Who else has full-body chills? RT if you do too! #ADay 

Incredible story. Hassan was dying of a genetic disease that gave him full-body open wounds. Doctors saved him by replacing 80% of his skin with a gene-corrected version.

Note to Trump: Millions of Americans would favor Hillary even if she had leprosy, The Plague & was in a full-body cast rather than vote 4 u.