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The @NRA  should def move 2 Florida&then use all of their guns 2 begin meth labs run by alligators Just play it by ear & explosions Ya’ll r dead no matter what Politically Suicidally Looking in the mirror-ly Fuck you @GOP  & fuck ur leanings unless those leanings mean y’all r dyin

What the FUCK do you have to do to be sent off in the @NRL 

Remember how a doctor and hospital administration had to make a cover deal to get PPE because of Trump and even then the Feds threatened to confiscate? Because I sure the fuck do.

Good republics declare new republics when the republic is bad. Fuck the founders; fuck the 2nd ammendment; fuck theological readings of the constitution that only reveal a national illiteracy of both statehood and religion.

I challenge @foxnewsnight  very own @seanhannity  to a masks off bout to an •MMA Challenge •Word Challenge •Cognitive Test Challenge •Being a Piece or Shit on Broadcast Television Challenge Pick Your Poison... After U and the Cheeto in Chief get off your Nightly FaceTime Fuck

Seriously halperin is an unrepentant monster, everybody knows it and if you associate with him you can fuck right off to hell.

Frfr I need to get laid and just fuck the absolute shit out of someone til they flood my cock with body fluid. BODY FLUID!💦💦💦💦💦😝

Fuck them up, albatrosses. "The albatrosses who catch pirates on the high seas"

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planets of Star Wars service the story; desert planet makes you long for more, ice planet makes you feel defensive, swamp planet is a place for hiding, casino planet demonstrates profiteering, salt planet is about grudges so what I’m saying is .. what the fuck was festival planet


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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period.

...There is that old saying tho if you ain't got shit nice to say then fuck you

I can't belive my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I'm rich fuck this I'm going home I don't need this shit

In celebration of whatever the fuck maga night is, I am committed to donating $100,000 to the bail outs of protestors across the country.

FUCK U SATAN!!! Fuck right off!!!!!

Thank you so much for all the birthday messages ! Loads of love !! Can't believe I'm 22! Fuck that ha

Anyhow fuck trump and keep going. be safe, stay hydrated, wear your mask and again, fuck Donald Trump.

Again, if they’re doing this to old white men ON camera, imagine what the fuck is happening off camera.