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Our top stories today, 5 in one minute. Brexit, Bitcoin, Fed & virus. #FromFrancinesDesk 

Happy Monday, Iran, UK & Covid. And Happy Summer Solstice, the longest day of the Year. #FromFrancinesDesk 

Markets, commodities, UK & Elections in Iran. June 18th #FromFrancinesDesk 

Happy wednesday. Big big Fed day, China in focus, Biden meets Putin. June 16th. #FromFrancinesDesk 

Happy Friday. Top stories this Friday. G7, cryptos, Nord Stream 2 & markets #FromFrancinesDesk 

Thursday’s top stories - ECB, G7, meme stocks and inflation data from the US #FromFrancinesDesk 

Top stories this Tuesday. Taxes, Biogen/Alzheimer, Apple conference & US recovers ransom #FromFrancinesDesk 

Happy Monday. Tax, inflation & Germany. Our top stories, #FromFrancinesDesk 

Top stories this Wednesday June 2nd. Turkish lira, ‘baby shark’, AMC & oil #FromFrancinesDesk 


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Top stories today, Tuesday (tuesday!! Only tuesday!!) May 25th. cryptos, Amazon deal, Belarus. #FromFrancinesDesk 

My top Friday stories, last trading day in April. #FromFrancinesDesk 

My Top stories ... in a little over than one minute. #FromFrancinesDesk 

Happy Tuesday. Archegos, more signs that vaccines work in real-world and Suez blockage. #FromFrancinesDesk 

My top 5 stories this Friday! Suez ships consider taking ‘the scenic route’ #FromFrancinesDesk 

Monday top stories (I’m not excited that schools are re-opening in the UK, you are) #FromFrancinesDesk . Feb 22nd