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After getting swept up in the frenzy of Sydney’s biggest day of auctions ever one Western Sydney buyer didn’t even realise her family had won the newly built Ermington house.

From men turning on their partners, to a violent post-sex frenzy

#Ethereum Name Service: The A to Z of the .eth frenzy

Waukesha Horror an Act of Domestic Terrorism Over Rittenhouse Acquittal? Frenzy Over ‘Jay Brooks’ Facebook Page #businessNews 

Escape to the Chateau's Dick and Angel spark fan frenzy with Christmas announcement

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TEXAS BRISKET AT ITS FINEST | People have traveled to taste this BBQ. And @lexihaz  got to try it firsthand on this week's frenzy'>Food Truck Frenzy.

Around two-thirds of the largest publicly traded companies reaped higher profits today than in 2019, before the pandemic. How? "Profiteers are using the frenzy around higher prices as an excuse to reel in much more than increased costs," says @ddayen .


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Robinhood and Citadel Securities responded to renewed criticism of their actions during January’s meme-stock frenzy, after retail investors filed a class-action lawsuit last week

My brief detailing how the @NRA  & other dark money groups have captured the Supreme Court has sent Republicans & conservative media into a frenzy. Because they know it’s true. Here’s the evidence:

Trump whipped up a mob into a frenzy. He told them to go to the Capitol and “fight like hell.” And they did. With tragic results. And it could have been much, much worse. Upholding our oath means recognizing that every second Trump is president, the nation is at risk. Impeach.

Ken Paxton, like other Republicans in Texas and across the nation, whipped up thousands of Trump supporters into a frenzy, claiming falsely that the election had been stolen from them. When the frenzy reached its violent conclusion, he blamed someone else.

Evil never gives peace. It causes frenzy first then leaves bitterness. Instead, God’s voice never promises cheap, easily acquired joy. He invites us to go beyond our ego to find that true good: peace.

2. Will there be a special counsel and ethics investigation?  How about an expulsion proceeding?  Are the media in a frenzy over this act of disloyalty?  Inquiring minds want to know.

CNN HQ in Atlanta getting overrun by leftist protesters that they themselves whipped into a frenzy. Many are defacing and vandalizing the giant CNN logo outside the building. You're watching Dr. Frankenstein get destroyed by his own monster. #GeorgeFloyd 

The flu has killed far more people than coronavirus. So why all the frenzy about COVID-19?

The bullies trying to cancel @TuckerCarlson  are missing the irony that their hysterical frenzy to punish him for not conforming *proves his point every night.* #IStandWithTuckerCarlson  because he stands for truth & fairness & does not back down no matter the threat ❤️??

“Let it not be forgotten that in the midst of the Democrat impeachment circus and accompanying media frenzy, @realDonaldTrump  never took his eye off the ball for the American people.”