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People who ate french fries or hash browns 2 to 3 times a week were more likely to die early, according to one study.

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"Clean" bitcoin logic: if I replace a few of my French fries with lettuce, my French fries have no calories.

Watch pulp fiction with 2 Belgian teenagers for their first time and all you will get as commentary is « but what exactly is wrong with French fries and mayonnaise? »

Claim that eating french fries in moderation will lead to an early death is misleading

McDonald’s said Thursday that sales of Big Macs, chicken nuggets and french fries got back to prepandemic levels in the first part of the year.

OH, YUM! Highlights of the menu will include grass-fed beef burgers, turkey burgers, hand-dipped beef corndogs and fresh-cut french fries 🍔🍟

all i'm saying is that i like french fries

Uncooked french fries are usually frozen, but when they're pasteurized using the Farther Farms method of pressurized CO2, they can sit on the shelf for 90 days before going bad.

The "Ralphie Wrap" - mac and cheese - French fries - mozzarella sticks - chicken tenders - in a green spinach wrap The 4/20-themed wrap paying homage to @GovernorVA  Ralph Northam is on the menu in his hometown of Onancock today.


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French fries ? are the devil ?

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2004: don’t eat French fries or else you hate America 2008: wear a lapel pin or you don’t love your country 2016: kneel before the flag 2020: die for the economy

if you've never eaten French fries in the shower, i am so sorry

I WILL ALWAYS REBEL AGAINST AUTHORITY FOR SUNSHINES. but when jail gets lonesome plz bring French fries

yeah sure, having a thigh gap would be great, but imagine not being able to catch french fries between your knees while you’re driving. it’s all about perspective, folks.

I don’t give two french fries about what serves at the . But we should all care about what food is on the tables of America’s 800,000 federal workers who aren’t being paid right now. #TrumpShutdown 

French fries first. Then burger.

a plate of french fries is a family

you see sometimes I try to eat healthy... but french fries exist

Damon taking his shirt off-again...I'm eating a bucket of French fries the second this scene is done!!!!!!!