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Fans have been longing for a theatrical experience, and the "Freaky" premiere didn't disappoint. (Column) @UniversalPics  @creetureshow  #FreakyMovie  #BeyondFest 

In years past, the city of Salem, Massachusetts, welcomed visitors around Halloween time and even advertised the freaky festivities. But during the coronavirus pandemic, they're turning people away.

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In years past, the city of Salem welcomed visitors around Halloween time and even advertised the freaky festivities. But during the pandemic, they're turning people away.

2 day or 5 day profile for tomorrow ? Freaky Friday $ES_F

People outside of SF might not know that it's common to see self-driving cars on a daily basis here, *but* there is always 1-2 people inside, one with hand on wheel for safety. Seeing a number of robot cars with nobody inside will be a freaky experience for many, even here.

The tiny room CGI'd into Tim Cook's big room to show the HomePod Mini was freaky. Surprising for such a visual literalist as Apple, but refreshing. #AppleEvent 

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This is freaky 😅 RT Remix *FreakyFrog44 If you think my Costco bill was crazy, check out my Jersey Mike’s receipt for today.

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:: Well that was some freaky thunder.

@amateuradam  reveals the weird and wonderful secrets about our fabulously freaky bodies

The Haunting of Bly Manor gets its mix of fear, fun and freaky upper class British children just right


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My first reaction was... Wow!!! Quite freaky in a way looking at another Me!! Can't get more real than this... Hats off to the artistry & detailing by the team. It's unbelievably close to life.

i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmyshit 

@rihanna HAPPY BIRFDAY u hoodrat, bearcunt, crazy, sexy ass, freaky whole bit beotch. I ♥ u so much. Keep it real tonight, as I know u will!

Join us for Freaky#FriYayLive  this Friday at 3:30p PT/6:30p ET to find out how you could win a trip to LA to see #BTS  perform! Click the link and hit "Get Reminder"!

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My brother and Denise are the only ones with twitter so any of you pretending to be my parents! Stop ! It's actually really freaky!

The Jacks & I are about to film some videos! Ask us your questions with the hashtag #AskNacks  @jackgilinsky  @JackJackJohnson  GET FREAKY BABY

NEW VIDEO: "Thoughts On Freaky Tumblr Edits": - it's got a pretty big announcement! (RT if you want a freaky DM!)