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After Michigan, Wisconsin attacks, do we need a domestic terrorism law? | @foxnews  by Paul Mauro

Stocks dropping on this - CDC HAS IDENTIFIED FIRST CASE OF OMICRON IN THE US @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness  @FoxNews 

Don’t end your Thursday evening just yet- tune in for the late night news @FoxNews  @foxnewsnight 

Its been a long day- but not over yet! Tune in to @foxnewsnight  on @FoxNews  now!

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Giving you the details of the Supreme Court abortion case today on @FoxNews 

Does that mean he had the same vaxx mandate for his employee that @FoxNews  has for theirs?

Outside of SCOTUS this morning bright and early- bringing you the latest all day today on @FoxNews 

Calls from both sides of the aisle are growing for CNN to #FireChrisCuomo  @FoxNews 


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Watching @FoxNews  is almost as bad as watching Fake News@CNN . New alternatives are developing!

@OANN  WOW, total election corruption in Arizona. Hearing on now! Why isn’t @FoxNews  covering the Arizona hearings?

Lawyers now on @newsmax , @OANN  & maybe @FoxNews . An open and shut case of voter fraud. Massive numbers!

Documents reveal that General Flynn was entrapped! @EveningEdit  @FoxNews 

Actually, I think I’m leading in the Polls! @FoxNews  @OANN 

“Chaos, lawlessness, and destruction take over New York.” @FoxNews  When will Governor Cuomo call the Federal Government for help?

Watching @FoxNews  on weekend afternoons is a total waste of time. We now have some great alternatives, like @OANN .