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Joining @TuckerCarlson  tonight at about 820p ET on the glorious ACB confirmation 👍 US See you at @FoxNews !

Jewish leaders pen open letter in support of President Trump ahead of election #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs  #FoxNews 

Senate now officially voting on #SCOTUS  nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Live coverage @FoxNews 

Thanks for listening, Fox News! Hillary Clinton 'sick to my stomach' over possible second Trump term #FoxNews 

@foxnews : Senate Republicans produce documentary film, featuring Sen. Cruz, on their behind-the-scenes handling of coronavirus

The @FoxNews  @WhiteHouse  booth is unstaffed this afternoon.

Clawing back votes: 7 states allow voters to resubmit ballots #FoxNews 

Susan Collins says she is voting against Coney Barrett confirmation to be 'fair and consistent' #FoxNews 


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Statement from fame Lt. Tony Bobulinski - a business associate of Hunter Biden - obtained by @FoxNews ⁩

“Players take knee, raise fist, stay in locker room, during National Anthem”. @FoxNews  No thanks, tell them to “protest” some other time!

@FoxNews  weekend afternoons is the worst! Getting into @CNN  and MSDNC territory. Watch @OANN  & @newsmax  instead. Much better!

“Chaos, lawlessness, and destruction take over New York.” @FoxNews  When will Governor Cuomo call the Federal Government for help?

Watching @FoxNews  on weekend afternoons is a total waste of time. We now have some great alternatives, like @OANN .

“Very troubled by Durham probe findings.” A.G. Bill Barr @BretBaier  @FoxNews