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PODCAST | This week on Florida’s Fourth Estate, anchors @GingerGadsden  and @MattNews6  invited Beverly Brooks to speak about the hesitancy of getting a COVID-19 vaccine among those in the Black community.

hats off to the fourth estate for getting people to wait in line for gas they don't need because they want page views.

As the fourth estate, we hold those in power accountable. We're raising Rs 20 lakhs in 10 days to keep going. Help us:

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We need answers. Good journalism makes sure that the questions get asked. Like we do. If you want your fourth estate to hold power accountable, click here:

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Europe’s fourth estate needs more active support

If ever we needed proof of the growing disconnect between what much of the media is focused on as opposed to the issues this nation needs the fourth estate to prosecute, “this past week has provided it,” says broadcaster Michael McLaren.

An ongoing series of conversations by The Media Foundation Dialogues features prominent voices and highlights various perspectives. The Dialogues discuss issues challenging the fourth estate as well.

“The attempted smear of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on this week’s episode of ’60 Minutes’ is the latest reminder that the once-respected ‘Fourth Estate’ is dying a slow painful death in full public view.” @David_Bossie  @WashTimesOpEd 

Hardware retailer Harbor Freight Tools is working on its fourth location in the Columbia market. Catch up on everything you need to know this week in Columbia business and real estate:


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Americans’ worsening view of the news media. New Gallup survey shows only 9% trust media “a great deal” while 33% report “none at all.” For Republicans, only 3% have a great deal of trust while 89% have “not much” or “none” There’s a crisis in the Fourth Estate in our country.

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Strongly condemn the cowardly attack on TV5 office by miscreants last night. The attack is clearly aimed at undermining the role of media in the discharge of its duties as the Fourth Estate. Request the investigating authorities to bring the culprits to book as soon as possible

Editorial freedom must be used wisely in public interest. The freedom to write, does not include the freedom to be 'factually incorrect'. Mahatma Gandhi said: “The press is called the Fourth Estate. It is definitely a power, but, to misuse that power is criminal.": PM Modi

WATCH: @maddow : "Do you believe anybody who works in the White House? ... Our ability to responsibly engage with this crisis as informed citizens is now dependent on the fourth estate."

My goodness it's not that got it wrong but how mainstream media and Trump haters believed so much they cheerfully talk impeachment. This blind hatred destroying fabric of fourth estate

The Senate just passed a resolution affirming that "the press is not the enemy of the people" and condemning attacks against the fourth estate. "Efforts to systematically undermine the credibility of the press" are "an attack on our democratic institutions." Unanimous consent.

Dacre retires to spend more time with his EU grants on his Scottish estate and bronzing his corpulent frame in his fourth home in the British Virgin Islands. Worst of British values posing as the best. Malign influence on media culture. Good riddance xx

Michael Flynn didn't resign because he broke the law. He resigned because he got caught. This is why fourth estate is critical.