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A New Jersey military base is the only U.S. site still accepting Afghan refugees from overseas safe havens, with four planes arriving each week. 11,000 people currently live on the base, where their hope, fear and boredom are palpable.

Mobile library restarts in Afghan capital, delighting children

The Taliban face condemnation from Western nations and allies for their summary execution of former Afghan security forces, as reported by @hrw . “We will continue to measure the Taliban by their actions," not just nice pronouncements.

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When Afghanistan fell so quickly to the Taliban, had the group already infiltrated Kabul & other Afghan cities? @margheritamvs 's reporting for the @WSJ  indicates it had. Our conversation, from today's GPS:

Finding housing is proving to be a challenge for many Afghan families now in the United States who fled their home country this year as the Taliban took over.

21 nations, EU express concern over reported killings, disappearances of former Afghan security force members

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Afghan lives. A better way might be a global humanitarian effort under UN auspices. But it is certainly incumbent on the US to take the lead on figuring out diplomatic/humanitarian solutions, as I'm sure the Administration realizes. @SamanthaJPower 

In Pics | No forgiveness: #Taliban  targets former members of #Afghan  security forces

Members of the Afghan national boxing team are seeking refuge in the West, hoping to continue both their careers and their lives without danger or fear.

Obaidullah Ramin, former Minister of Agriculture, has passed away due to a sickness in Turkey. He was educated in Turkey & was considered a nonpartisan in the Afghan politics. Mr. Ramin was a Sunni Hazara & was widely respected, majorly in north & central Afghanistan.

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Brave Afghan women protesting for their rights in Kabul. “Work, education and political participation is every woman’s right”

Little noticed yesterday. The Rs tried to block funding for the very same Afghan refugees they have been yelling about getting out of Afghanistan. It was a party line vote with the Ds stopping their effort. Smh. 🙄

I want to know where the outrage was when, year after year, I and others in the Senate tried to get more SIVs to protect our Afghan allies, or when the Trump administration was giving away the rights of Afghan women and girls during peace talks with the Taliban.

I find it implausible that 300,000 Afghan soldiers spontaneously and individually quit. I find it more plausible that they received such orders from their leaders who cut a deal with the Taliban. I look forward to reading more reporting to confirm/refute this hypothesis.

Latest pictures from Kabul Airport. People are on their own now while the world watches in silence. Only sane advise to Afghan people…RUN

congress briefed - gates closed at Kabul airport. 300 plus Americans and 1000s of our afghan allies left behind. STRANDED how can anyone in Biden admin keep their jobs?

So the US Government knew so little about what was happening in Afghanistan that they had no idea the Afghan Security Forces would evaporate and the Taliban immediately take over, but they were able to find within 24 hours the precise ISIS-K "planner" to kill? OK.

At kabul airport, military side, more order than before. Evacuations picking up. Seeing more Afghan families being taken through. Planes taking off. Base well guarded.

George Stinney Jr. He was fourteen. Three months after being arrested, he was executed on this day in 1944. They used a bible as a booster seat when they sat him in the electric chair. Seventy years later, he was exonerated for the murder of 2 white girls.