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Two female generals will be nominated for elite, four-star commands. A top U.S. official said they delayed the promotions to avoid interference by Donald Trump.

Last fall, the Pentagon’s most senior leaders agreed that two top generals should be promoted to elite, four-star commands. From The New York Times:

The Pentagon had to wait until now to promote two women to Four-Star Generals because the previous president was such a rapey, misogynist, piece of shit.

Last fall, the defense secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, both out of favor with then-President Trump, held off on nominating two top generals to four-star commands. They feared resistance, even sabotage, from the White House.

Two US four-star generals have had to wait years to get that designation, despite military command wanting them to hold that rank, because said command felt certain the erstwhile president would nix their appointments based only on their sex

A wide range of people encountered the president, including corporate CEOs, senators, governors, big-money donors, state lawmakers, four-star generals, and parents grieving the loss of their children to combat

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Hundreds of people came into contact w/ President Trump in the days before his positive Covid test, including CEOs, lawmakers, four-star generals and parents grieving the loss of their children to combat. w @AriNatter  @misyrlena 

Nearly 500 national security leaders, including 22 four-star Generals and Admirals say because of Trump's "disdainful attitude and his failures, our allies no longer trust or respect us, and our enemies no longer fear us."

“This is a guy who abuses people in his cabinet, abuses four-star generals, abuses people who gave their life for this country...” the first former senior White House official said. “It’s not like he doesn’t abuse people that are White as well.”

Q's from today's show: What do the people closest to President Trump know about his conduct? What do America's four-star generals know? What do the retired generals know? What do his pals like Sean Hannity know? Why do so many of them remain silent while Trump remains so loud?


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This article has been published for several hours. Complete silence from the four star generals and admirals. No words of support for the commander in chief. Or any other words for wounded and families of fallen who have read this.

The private firms that own & operate military housing are cutting corners to make a profit on the homes of four-star generals. What do you think they’re doing to the homes of junior enlisted? That’s why & I have a plan to fix it.

There was the much milder version (Kelly) and the gut-punch version (McChrystal), but two four-star generals today were critical of Trump as president. Kelly, Mattis, McChrystal criticizing Trump is of a different order than former political operatives criticizing him.

Speaking of generals, four-star General Colin Powell referred to Trump as “a national disgrace” and an “international pariah.” #debatenight 

Here are the four-star generalsDonald Trump has publicly bashed

"Highly inappropriate"? Here are the four-star generalsDonald Trump has publicly bashed.