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“Americans are proud of the durability of their country’s constitution, which the Founding Fathers designed to stifle factionalism. Yet today, the framework provided by the U.S. Constitution is no longer up to the task.”

How do we convince people to submit themselves to the regime or to even die for it? Convince them that the regime was founded and sustained by a breed of superhuman "statesmen" like Wilson, Lincoln, and the "Founding Fathers." | David Gordon

The United States is a dream from our founding fathers that monarchies across the world predicted would fail long ago. Lincoln: Divided We Stand continues Sunday at 10p ET/PT #LincolnCNN 

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The 50th year Ministerial Retreat took place today and its main purpose is to focus on the UAE’s future path. The UAE always aims to strengthen innovation and resilience and use the core values of our founding fathers to build a robust and competitive economy

"You do wonder how the founding fathers would have felt about the right to bear arms if they knew their nastiest neighbor had just installed a printer that manufactures guns in his basement," says @gailcollins . 

House Democrats have made their No. 1 legislative priority for the 117th Congress a federal takeover of our elections and a blatant power grab. H.R. 1 is a shameless attempt to keep one party in power. This is exactly what our Founding Fathers feared. - @RepRickAllen 

In acquitting Trump, “Congress did not stand up to the executive in the way the founding fathers intended,” says fmr. UK Ambassador to DC @PeterWestmacott . He argues this wasn't a “kerfuffle,” as Boris Johnson termed it – it’s a reminder of the fragility of American democracy.

"How about simply solving problems and park your ideology at the door? That is the theory behind our system of government and why the founding fathers were so fearful of political parties." NYTLetters


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You can't open your business yet The left can hold massive rallies You can't go to church The left can destroy statues of the founding fathers You can't watch your child be born or mourn the loss of loved ones The media says you're the bad guy

When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution they were thinking about protecting us from kings and foreign aggressors. They never anticipated shitty mayors/governors. They were looking for evil, not stupid. They never could have foreseen Garcetti/Newsom.

Little Richard, one of rock's founding fathers who set the template that generations of musicians would follow, has died at 87

The question is: Are we prepared to accept that a president can leverage official acts to get an investigation of a political rival? Our Founding Fathers drafted the remedy of impeachment so we would have a mechanism when corruption comes from the highest office in the land.

“All that’s swirling around us now is Impeachment. We talk about it day and night, it’s what’s on the news, there is NOTHING that has turned up that is Impeachable. Our founding fathers set impeachment to be extremely rare. We need to get good stuff done. Let the people vote,....

The Founding Fathers could never have imagined a president who claimed the Constitution empowered them to do what ever he or she wanted. #TruthExposed 

2 questions: 1. Did Trump ask a foreign power to help him gather dirt on a likely major political opponent for president? Yes. There's a transcript. 2. Is this an impeachable offense? Yes. Founding fathers made that clear (See Hamilton, A., and Madison, J.). Case closed.

Those silly Founding Fathers with their phony emoluments clause... What a bunch of silliness they put into the Constitution. (Like separation of powers)

Remember: our Founding Fathers intended for the people’s representatives in the House to control how our government spends taxpayer dollars. 248 members of the House voted to end Trump’s #FakeEmergency  today.

The Founding Fathers foresaw a demagogue like Donald Trump. They just never imagined a collection of sycophants and sniveling cowards like we see today on Capitol Hill.