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The pandemic forced companies to work differently. Here are 5 ways to keep the innovation going Sponsored by @servicenow 

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🗣️ "What is the support package that will come into play for businesses?" 📺 Ahead of PM @BorisJohnson 's announcement this afternoon, Hannah@Walker_Essex  spoke to @SkyNews  about the importance of @GOVUK  providing financial support for firms forced to close 👇

🗣️ "Support must be commensurate with restrictions." 📺 Ahead of PM @BorisJohnson 's announcement this afternoon, @BCCAdam  outlines the financial support firms forced to close will need to weather another lockdown on @BBCNews  👇

Austria forced into a 2nd lockdown after fighting losing battle via @borisg_work 

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That drive fell apart in a hurry. Houston forced to punt after having first-abnd-5 at the UCF 38.

The Bright Eyes frontman on supporting Planned Parenthood, being forced to have a bodyguard, and the sad state of the Republican Party.

Costco to stop selling coconut milk over reported forced monkey labor in Thailand, PETA says

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Forced into a bell jar existence, many Australians are looking around and remembering what they love about their country. The collectivist spirit. The fresh food. The beaches and small towns that equal or supersede the beauty of anywhere else in the world.

Quezon Governor Danilo Suarez announced that the province will conduct forced evacuation in coastal and flood-prone areas before 8 am on Sunday, November 1. via Gov. Danilo Suarez FB page

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Had to read this headline twice 👀 @Costco  pulls coconut milk after report on forced monkey labor.


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Forced to move our Rally tonight in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Monday, due to high speed winds and bad weather. I love you North Carolina. Stay safe, see you on Monday!!!

THREAD In July 2018, a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. 2 women & 2 young children are led away by a group of soldiers. They are blindfolded, forced to the ground, and shot 22 times. #BBCAfricaEye  investigated this atrocity. This is what we found...

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BREAKING: The Trump administration has rescinded a rule that would have forced international students to leave the country if their colleges hold classes online this fall. The administration was sued over the new policy by Harvard and MIT.

Was Andy McCabe ever forced to pay back the $700,000 illegally given to him and his wife, for his wife’s political campaign, by Crooked Hillary Clinton while Hillary was under FBI investigation, and McCabe was the head of the FBI??? Just askin’?

Drug companies, which are being forced by me to substantially reduce Drug Prices, are taking $millions in ads saying I want to increase Medicare Primiums. Wrong, just the opposite! These ads show DRUG PRICES ARE GOING DOWN, and they are not happy! False advertising!

THUGS ?? these people are protesting against the fact that one of YOUR animalistic white policemen kneeled on George’s windpipe and forced him to stop breathing and killed him?? THUGS???? Are you listening to yourself?

Teachers shouldn't be forced to choose between their lives and their jobs.

No one should be forced to choose between their right to vote and their right to stay healthy like the debacle in Wisconsin this week.

China is a dictatorship that, for decades, enforced a one child per family policy under penalty of forced sterilization. But they can't close down the farmer's market from hell? #CoronaVirus  #WetMarkets 

One shoe bomber tried to blow up a plane and now we are forced to take off our shoes. 1606 mass shootings since Sandy Hook Elementary School and Congress has done NOTHING.