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Plant-based protein company AlphaFoods' latest campaign is based on a "class-action lawsuit” against the company headed by the blurred silhouettes of a clown, red-headed girl, and southern colonel who claim to have been tricked into practicing veganism.

Soon, you're likely to see a warning label on a packet of chips or biscuits you buy as the FSSAI is working to introduce front-of-pack labelling for packaged foods in a bid to curb junk food consumption, @Shilparanipeta  reports

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@fssaiindia  CEO says they have a plan to introduce front of the pack labelling for packaged foods to curb junk food consumption. @Shilparanipeta  explains what this could mean for some of the #FMCG  players going forward

To reach the #GlobalGoals , the way we produce food -  and the types of foods we eat - must change. Ahead of #UNFSS2021 , see how we work with communities and at every level of food production for more just and sustainable #FoodSystems : #UNGA 

Watercress and Welsh lamb breed added to UK protected foods list

Whether you're trying to limit your dairy intake or you're lactose intolerant, add these 8 calcium-rich, non-dairy foods to your diet.

Watercress and Welsh lamb breed added to UK protected foods list

In a spot, styled after ads for class action lawsuits and personal injury lawyers, a suited man screams in front of a bookcase, inquiring: “Did you unknowingly become vegan because of foods'>Alpha Foods plant-based products that taste too good to be true?”

Watercress and Welsh lamb breed added to UK protected foods list

"It's a shock for people": Manchester student, 20, is allergic to the cold - and is forced to make warm versions of her favourite frozen foods


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Every year 659,041 people die form heart disease in the US We need to shut everything down, restrict people's access to unhealthy foods that may contribute to heart disease, and put everyone on heart medication (especially children)

One of these is not like the other: - Taco Bell CEO: We’ll pay all of our employees no matter what. - Delta CEO: I am forgoing my entire salary for 6 months to avoid layoffs. - Whole Foods CEO: Employees who are not sick should “donate” their vacation time to sick employees.

11,000 workers at foods'>Tyson Foods got COVID & 36 died while managers made bets on how many would get sick. The working conditions were so bad they “shook” a local sheriff “to his core.” No, I will not vote to give corporations a license to harm workers. We must hold them accountable.

While the owner of foods'>Tyson Foods became $600 million richer during the pandemic, 11,000 of his workers got COVID-19 because they were forced back to work in unsafe and unhealthy plants as managers placed bets on how many would get sick. We must end this disgusting corporate greed.

‘I’m Not Apologizing’: foods'>Goya Foods CEO Refuses To Apologize For Pro-Trump Remarks

Foods' alt='GoyaFoods' /'>@GoyaFoods  is doing GREAT. The Radical Left smear machine backfired, people are buying like crazy!

Jeff Bezos' new $165 million Beverly Hills mansion will have: — 3 hot houses — 2 guesthouses — A nine-hole golf course — A tennis court — A "motor court" with gas pumps Remember when Amazon's Whole Foods cut health benefits for part-time workers to save money? Tax the rich.

Whole Foods, which is owned by Amazon, wants employees to "donate" paid time off to each other during the coronavirus outbreak. At the same time, Amazon paid a 1.2% tax rate on $13B in profits last year. If this isn't the epitome of corporate greed, I don't know what is.