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From the S & B on 7400 S. South Shore Dr. Encouraging the next generation of fire fighters 4-1-8. Picture courtesy of Tim Olk.

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For #FathersDay2021  the family’s taking me to see Foo Fighters reopen MSG!!

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"I respect my fellow fighters in the division, but I think it's time for me to get a Top 10 opponent." Virna Jandiroba@VirnaJandiroba ) discusses her victory over Kanako Murata and who she wants to take on next. More #UFCVegas29  Results ⬇️:

Check out which fighters made an extra $50k for their work at #UFCVegas29 .

Another Biden military withdrawal: He's pulling antimissile batteries, jet fighters & hundreds of troops out of the Mideast via @WSJ 

The Pakistani military says a shootout between government forces and Pakistani Taliban fighters overnight in a northwestern territory left two militants and a soldier dead.

New opportunity! Our Capacity Building Programs team is looking for a program consultant in #Morocco  to support in #rehabilitation  and #reintegration  programs for returning foreign terrorist fighters More about the position here 👇

The reason you put high odd fighters in parlays is for lackluster performances like that one from Camur. Our parlay is toast due to a split decision. Tough. Onto the next. @SportsLine 

The Foo Fighters concert, with a capacity of just over 600, required proof of COVID-19 vaccination to purchase tickets.


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Pennsylvania Party Leadership votes are this week. I hope they pick very tough and smart fighters. We will WIN!!

Army veteran Paul Rieckhoff says President Trump must be “dragged in front of the American people to answer what he knew and when” over US intel that Russians purportedly offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill Americans.

I am ready to send more money to States and Local governments to save jobs for Police, Fire Fighters, First Responders, and Teachers. DEMOCRATS ARE HOLDING THIS UP!

Thx to your support we've expanded the @yourrightscamp  legal defense initiative nationally to defend arrested Freedom Fighters. We're also working to file civil rights cases against police for their terroristic acts. Keep fighting back! #wegotus 

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REMINDER: Americans didn't like John Lewis when he was protesting w/SNCC. Americans didn't like Ali when he refused to go to Vietnam. Americans didn't like @Kaepernick7  when he took a knee for police brutality. Freedom fighters don't do stuff to be liked. They do it for JUSTICE.

When this is over, what say we all pitch in and buy health care workers, couriers, hauliers, farmers, millers, grocers, bakers, sewage workers, power workers, teachers, fire fighters and police officers a bottle of something?

THANK YOU to our Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMS who help us defeat the Virus every day. Our proud nation is grateful for the unwavering dedication and sacrifice of our First Responders and their families. TOGETHER we will beat this!

Here’s what we learned today: Trump found out Russia paid bounties to Taliban fighters to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. He seriously considered asking them to stop. He decided to not ask them to stop. Chew on that for a sec.

In fighting for liberation there‘s always retaliation. We must protect our Freedom Fighters. We started a legal defense initiative to give legal representation to Freedom Fighters in Minneapolis paid for by @yourrightscamp  For representation or to donate

When I sent Pres. Trump a serious letter on getting critical medical supplies to our frontline fighters, he responded with a petty, unserious letter. To the President: Americans are dying and losing jobs. Businesses are teetering. Stop the pettiness. Be a leader. Do your job.