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🌍The spread of #COVID19  has many people questioning the health, safety and security of their work. #FocusOnAfrica 

The Zimbabwean author raising the forgotten voices of African exploration. #FocusOnAfrica 

Meet Mao, the Sudanese MC whose music became a backing soundtrack to the country's revolution. ?? #FocusOnAfrica 

How will younger Zimbabweans, born in the post-independence period, remember Robert Mugabe? ? #FocusOnAfrica 

Hear from one of the founders of @AfroNation : ‘the biggest show you’ve ever seen’ ? ? #FocusOnAfrica 

?? Sudan's transition plans: For #FocusOnAfrica , @moehash1  answers your three top questions

This week, our resident presidents reflect on democracy in South Africa. #FocusOnAfrica 

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So this happened on Friday. Thanks to the #FocusOnAfrica  team for the support. @bbcafrica