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“The PDFNL is very conscious of the key role that football and netball plays in the physical and mental health and well-being of our local communities..." Well done Picola & District FNL 👏 🗞️ @yarrachronicle 

For one brief moment early in Season 2, FNL's Eric Taylor became a college football coach. Had some fun exploring what might have happened had he stuck it out at FMU.

also the episode from season 3 where Smash finds out he's going to college and shows up at Coach's doorstep to thank him pretty much every FNL episode tbqh

FNL is not a particularly funny show but this moment from s1e21 had me actually howling

Full hearts! Some of the #FNL  cast reunited for a good cause.

Who needs Sunday Night Football when you can have a Sunday night #FNL  reunion?

On the flight to Miami, I was reminded by @Coach_heals  & @TweetEmmy  that they have not seen FNL. Internet, please tell them how badly they need to see this show in their lives. Since it kinda is their lives?

It's Week 7 of the high school football season, and we'll have live look-ins to nine Indy-area games and instant highlights from six more for you on this week's IndyStar Friday Night Live --- starting now! #IndyStar  FNL

Friday Night Lights High School Football Report in next ! - @JanetSnyderKISS  @NICKinBUFFALO  #FNL 


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long overdue, but here's Riggs and Street doin it big, premiere style.. #battleship  #FNL  #gottasupport 

#NP FNL. Shout out to @JColeNC . Ya"ll make sure to get that "Friday Night Lights". U killed it homie!! Roc Boyz in the building. Yes Sir

#FNL premiered 10 years ago today and offered the world so much damn beauty.

There is possibly nothing I wouldn't do for Tim Riggins. #FNL 

"Here's to God and football and, ten years from now, Street, good friends livin' large in Texas." #TexasForever  #FNL