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There is still work left to do! We must continue to organize & #FlipTheSenate . #OurRevolution 

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The presumption of Lil’ Marco’s temporary chairmanship status is based on my belief that we can #FlipTheSenate  #LETSGO !

Our #FlipTheSenate  Weekend of Action is HAPPENING NOW! Sign up Democrats to #votebymail . Click below and join us:

Join us on this journey, so on November 3rd, we can #FlipTheSenate !

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If we’re going to protect health care and people with pre-existing conditions, then we need to elect Democrats and #FlipTheSenate .


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Q: How do we stop the relentless attacks on women’s health and rights? A: #FlipTheSenate 

Let’s keep organizing, volunteering, and donating so in 2020 we can elect @ShuttleCDRKelly  and #FlipTheSenate .

With Election Day 2020 less than one year away, we’re ready to keep fighting to #FlipTheSenate .

Americans deserve better than Mitch McConnell’s inaction and obstruction. RT if you’re ready to #FlipTheSenate .

If we don’t #FlipTheSenate  in 2018, Mitch McConnell is already promising to wave his dick in our faces in 2020

We have to #FlipTheSenate . We can't take more years of waste & obstruction.