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"Trump has consistently claimed that he has a plan coming out that will guarantee coverage of people’s preexisting medical conditions...that claim looks like a flagrant lie." Column by @hiltzikm :

The flagrant, disgraceful and dangerous defiance of science RRPXHhtm5l by @peterbakernyt 


"Flagrant violations' | Mizzou students expelled, suspended for not following COVID-19 policies"

anyone watched CNBC yesterday? did they replay the bit where cramer call pelosi crazy nancy to her face? If not then this was the closest he's gotten to being fired. i bet they buried that moment. unlike the other flagrant moments

MU expels 2 students, suspends 3 for ‘flagrant violations’ of university’s COVID-19 rules

Let's be real: we've been dealing with flagrant racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia in Miami Spanish-language media for decades. @MindyMarques  and @nsanmartin  are just sorry any gringos or black people saw the hate speech they've been publishing all year. #BecauseMiami 

You can, but should you? I respectfully but vehemently disagree w/ @ScottGottliebMD  & Mark McClellan's support of an emergency @US_FDA  vaccine approval Their new @WSJopinion  starts w/ assertion of FDA trust, despite flagrant evidence to the contrary

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The Celtics are tired of hearing Nurse complain after every call or Lowry sell every contact as a flagrant foul. This is how the Raptors have to operate, honestly. They are relying on guile and clutch plays, and it was enough in Game 6. @GwashburnGlobe 


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On This Date: 14 years ago, a "flagrant personal intentional foul" abruptly ended a game we would have liked to have seen the end of.

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It’s crazy how flagrant all this is and how virtually no one in the DNC/MSM will even touch it. How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections.

15 years ago, a "flagrant personal intentional foul" ended one of the most highly contested basketball games in recent memory.

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This is a flagrant violation of CDC guidelines on social distancing and a move that puts reporters at risk for the purpose of turning the press corps into a prop for a so-called "press conference" where the president refuses to answer a single question.

BREAKING: Draymond Green has been assessed Flagrant Foul 1 for actions in Game 4 & will be suspended for Game 5.

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Romney not just voting to convict, he’s ripping Trump anew: “An appalling abuse of public trust” “A flagrant assault” on our elections “Perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of ones oath of office that I can imagine."

I am DONE with the NBA on this. Draymond Green suspended? Hiding behind a Flagrant 1. This is some straight BS. Absolute TRAVESTY!

Never before have we had a Supreme Court nominee where over 90 % of his record is hidden from the public. Never before have we had a nominee display flagrant partisanship and open hostility at a hearing. And never before have we had a nominee facing allegations of sexual assault.

The President, through his lawyer, called on DOJ to end Mueller probe. Obstruction of justice is no less a threat to our democracy when done in the open than behind closed doors. Every representative should condemn this flagrant abuse of power or stop pretending devotion to duty.