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Huarong's debt woes are shaping up to be the ultimate test for China's credit market. Not are we talking about testing the implicit backing of an SOE with close ties to the government (it's owned by the finance ministry!), but the offshore bonds also involve keepwell arrangements

The Finance Ministry said fundraising through public and rights issues surged 115 per cent and 15 per cent, respectively, in 2020-21 despite the uncertainty due to the #COVID19pandemic 

China’s finance ministry is considering transferring its stake in bad-debt manager Huarong to a unit of the nation’s sovereign wealth fund that invests in financial companies

The #Saudi  finance ministry has launched an online service to handle claims from contractors and suppliers

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At Rs 10.71 lakh crore, net indirect tax collection up over 12% in FY21: Finance Ministry.

Minister urges collaboration between National Assembly, finance ministry to strengthen public investment

Minister urges collaboration between National Assembly, finance ministry to strengthen public investment

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron breaks his silence over the controversy of his lobbying for Greensill Capital, defending his actions and saying he was right to contact the finance ministry

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The Finance Ministry approves Rs 375 Crores for 'Mahakumbh' in Uttarakhand's Haridwar in 2021.

Why the Finance Ministry hiding details of Swiss Accounts & Black Money hoarders? Who are they trying to protect? Didn't PM Modi promise to reveal the names of all those who are laundering money in Swiss accounts?

Is it not sad that for sending PC to jail I have defend the “outstanding officer” of viz, Dr. Rajeshwar against attacks by highly place officers of Finance Ministry? What has this country come to?

Finance Ministry has suddenly compulsorily retired some officers. I expect that officers who were prosecuting NDTV frauds are not among them because that would cause a set back to the anti corruption work of the BJP

The biggest betrayal of the Indian Armed Forces since 1962 is the huge cuts ordered by the Finance Ministry in the Defence capital account Budget since 2015-16. The PM must restore all the cuts. The same was done with OROP, making Parrikar despair

If PC is to be prosecuted then Finance Ministry must provide the Sanction to Prosecute the five senior officers of MoF by tomorrow otherwise I will have to return to SC in Aircel Maxis Case of mine. But after my letter I am sure PM will do justice

The PM must ask senior officials of Finance Ministry to disclose which of them has son / daughter & in laws on retainer with Nirav Modi etc

Finance Ministry should field a Law Officer with integrity to challenge NDTV's Income Tax case of Rs.525cr or suffer my protest

German finance ministry says there are concerns France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands & Hungary could follow UK's lead in leaving #EUref