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If you could choose one thing that helped you grow as a developer this year, what would it be? 🤔 Download our fill-in-the-blank activity to reflect on your professional growth and share your responses with the community using the hashtag #DevDecember .

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How about a fill-in-the-blank for our very first #ArcticExam  question?! In the northern hemisphere, winter occurs when the Earth is _____________ the Sun on its yearly journey around it. We'll quote retweet this post with the answer at around 12:50 PM EST. GOOD LUCK! 🤞

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A high school chemistry teacher in VA is being investigated for using a fill-in-the-blank question to joke about the police killing of #GeorgeFloyd . It was reported by one of the only students of color. The line in question was: “A police officer put his [neon] George’s neck.”

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A fill-in-the-blank question for Monday’s @WildeAndTausch : If I had to describe Graham Mertz’s performance on Friday night in one word, that word would be ________.

What happens if everything you predict and analyze is wrong, over and over again? You get a promotion at [fill-in-the-blank right-wing think-tank] {Foundation|Institute}!

5 most common complaints about my tweets: - The headline doesn't contain every single detail in the story; - How dare you tweet this, I don't agree with it? - This proves you're a shill for (fill-in-the-blank). - You linked to a paywalled story. - I didn't read the story but...

Trump often says he would like to "wish [fill-in-the-blank] well." Among those he's done so for: -a brutal dictator -an accused spouse abuser -an accused sexual predator

Today's @WildeAndTausch  @festfoods  Twitter fill-in-the-blank question in the wake of our discussion about Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Barry Bonds, et al: As a sports fan, I find ____________ unforgivable. (GIF chosen specifically to irritate @MarkTauscher65 .)

Today's @festfoods  @WildeAndTausch  fill-in-the-blank question: @WISuptTonyEvers  closed our conversation with one of his favorite words, "@marktauscher65olks '>@MarkTauscher65olks ." loves "Ol' Boy." I use "@jesse540nelsonuddy '>@Jesse540Nelsonuddy ." prefers "My guy." My go-to word when talking to or about people is _______ .

Families across the country are thanking the essential workers in their neighborhood using these fill-in-the-blank cards. #ThankYouNeighbors 


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"No, I don't take responsibility at all," said President Trump, which can be applied to any fill-in-the-blank situation about which he is asked.....

The Erdogan call. The pleas from nat sec team. Miller’s whispers. The video pointing to the sky. The fill-in-the-blank resignation letter. A gripping narrative of Trump’s Syria decision & Mattis’s exit by

“Trump’s supporters are angry“ or "bigoted" or “dregs of society” or (Fill_In_The_Blank). They're desperate. The closer Trump gets to taking the Dems down the nastier they'll get. But be strong, stand firm #LNYHBT  Divided we're weak, together we're stong ??❤️??❤️??

I played this fun fill-in-the-blank game about my hopes for my daughter when she grows up! ?

How quickly can you fill-in-the-blank with these classic Bon Jovi lyrics? #BONJOVIFOREVER  #MusicMonday 

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You should write a (fill-in-the-blank) book (instead of what you are working on). #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter 

Is there a song that gets you in the mood for the weekend? #fillintheblank 

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