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✈️ Airplanes are filling up 🏡 Vacation home sales are booming 💄 Lipstick sales are up 👗 People are buying dresses again 💼 Companies want employees in the office 👰 Wedding season is back in action

The goal, if approved, would be for the filling stations to be installed by the fall.

An Alabama mom faces jail for filling a doctor’s prescription while pregnant.

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I’m filling in for @PAOnTheMic  tomorrow from 9-noon on @KFAN1003 . My guests include #mnwild  GM Bill Guerin, @FriedgeHNIC , @ToddWalsh , @patmick2626 , @TBTimes_JSmith  @AnthonyLaPantaand  We’ll be talking a lot of hockey, Wild and of course the loss of Tommy Kurvers. Please tune in

AMAY | Ethiopia can’t make complete 2nd filling due to GERD inefficiency, Egyptian minister

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Agreement must be reached before #GERD ’s second filling: EU

Back in college I was filling out an application and couldn’t use a certain printer in the athletic facility because it could be deemed an improper benefit. …With this SCOTUS ruling NCAA printing is just going to be the Wild West

‘We don’t want to lose any more valuable time’: Biden’s delay on filling the FCC pushes agenda back significantly @AndrewWyrich  - @dailydot )

Restaurants slowly filling up as bookings trickle in after S'pore eases Covid-19 measures

I start today filling in for the summer on @CBCCrosstalk . For today's show we're asking.... how are you celebrating National Indigenous People's Day?

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Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed 8 days before the election, after 65 million Americans voted. 293 days before the 2016 election, Garland couldn't even get a hearing. And now McConnell's saying he'll block Biden from filling a vacancy in 2024. Tells you all you need to know.

Today’s hearing isn't normal. The Senate should be working for the 7.7 million who’ve suffered from COVID. We should be helping the workers, small businesses and parents that are struggling. We shouldn't be filling a Supreme Court seat--we should be passing a relief package.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. The 1619 Project is journalism. The New York Post is disinformation. "Sexual preference" is homophobic. "Court-packing" is filling open court seats.

Despite the Dem-led misinformation campaign, filling this SCOTUS seat follows historical Senate norms. There is a different precedent if you have a divided government (2016) vs. having the same party in control in the WH & Senate (now). In fact, Joe Biden made the distinction.

How everyone who cares about justice and dignity and health and safety isn’t filling their timelines with this is worrisome. We’ll never know the truth again. Not that we ever knew enough about the numbers, but now any possibility of transparency is gone.

It's Census Day and we all have a crucial role to play. Filling out the 2020 Census determines what the next decade will look like for your community: your roads, health care, schools, representation and more. Takes a few minutes by mail, phone or online.

California is filling their skate parks with sand to make them unusable amid mandated lockdown. There is no scientific or medical rationale for this. This has nothing to do with a virus. This has nothing to do with protecting people. This is about power.

Many of the seats at Trump’s speech tonight at Mount Rushmore are being ziptied together, guaranteeing no social distancing for scores of people attending the event. Discussing all of this and more on @CNNSitRoom  this evening. Filling in for Wolf.

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California skaters are taking back the skate parks that Newsom filled with sand. The Government had trucks ruin them by filling them with sand but didn’t even bother to clean up their mess.

In an Impeachment, you can’t use a work of fiction as the theory for the case, filling in gaps with presumptions against the President. It was a weak presentation, self indulgent, & he didn’t deliver the goods.” Robert Charles, @HeatherChilders  @FoxNews