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Dr. Fauci slams federal government's COVID-19 response

@RoyceWestTX  . on the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic and the rol @John Cornyne has played in it: “I would not be following Donald Trump over a cliff like Cornyn has been doing.” Tune in here:

Editorial cartoon: The federal response to the virus.

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@Herring_NBA  And continues to be! How could there possibly have been zero federal response towards increasing testing capacity?! How is mask wearing a political hot point? WTF are we doing?! (I’m having a day on this stuff)

A @RPublicService  & @Microsoft  report highlights the benefits artificial intelligence provides federal agencies, especially in disaster response & resilience. More from @BrandiVincent_  here --->

Clearly defining how federal agencies should work together to prepare and respond to a pandemic, as well as delineating each agency’s roles and responsibilities, should eliminate redundancies and lead to a more effective response. #GovHIT  #COVID19 

Ensuring an effective, efficient and equitable federal response to the #coroanvirus  pandemic starts with you. If you know anything about misuse of #COVID19  pandemic relief funds, please visit @COVIDOversight  online or call 📞202-225-4400. We must not let taxpayers be fleeced.

Recovery from the COVID-19 economic meltdown will require additional response from the federal government. New Deal-style subsidies in employment and infrastructure are coming and will accelerate in 2021.

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#ICYMI - View the video of our recent Conversations with the Fed event #MinneapolisFed  Regional Outreach Director @RonWirtz  and Joe Mahon discuss the economic effect COVID has had on 9th District states and the Federal Reserve's response to the pandemic.

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I’m proud to stand with @OurWaterfront’s#Rise2Resilience  campaign as we work toward a more resilient future in New Jersey. Addressing the climate crisis requires a coordinated response from the federal, state, and local levels.


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Kentucky gets $45 BILLION more in federal funding than they pay in taxes. New York pays $21 BILLION more in taxes than they get from the feds. So effectively every year NY writes a $21B check to KY. But helping pay for pandemic response is a blue state bailout. Got it.

The federal government isn’t bailing out the states by helping to pay for pandemic expenses. The states are bailing out the federal government by doing all the work of disaster response that President Trump is supposed to do.

I will be delivering brief remarks from the Rose Garden at 6:30 P.M. Eastern to update on the Federal Response.

I joined @SenateDems  on a call with the @VP  today to discuss our federal COVID-19 response. They still don't have a plan. The administration doesn’t even have a target number of tests we need to manage this health care crisis. It's beyond unbelievable.

"...raising questions about why there has been no coordinated response at the federal level to get the surplus of perishable food to more people in need, even as commodity groups, state leaders and lawmakers repeatedly urged USDA to step in."

I think of myself as a rational person. I'm a professor. I live & work in a place where everyone values data, science, evidence. So Im struggling to understand the federal government's slow response to #COVID19 . Seems so irrational. Theories please? Genuinely want to understand.

“I want them to be appreciative,” the president says of governors who are criticizing the federal response.

Trump can’t have it both ways. Either the federal government is going to manage the response and pay for it. Or it needs to pay the states to do it. States can’t borrow and run deficits. This is a NATIONAL emergency. Let’s start acting like it.

Alert to the Administration here. This is a federal government-created disaster that requires immediate federal government response and mitigation. Americans' lives are at stake tonight -- this is not a drill.

BREAKING: The Centers for Disease Control recommended that Americans cancel or postpone gatherings of 50 or more people for the next eight weeks. It's the most aggressive federal guidance issued yet in response to the coronavirus outbreak