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Trump Administration Ramps Up Defense Production Act To ‘Mobilize’ Federal Coronavirus Response

Have you completed the 2020 census? US Every 10 years the census counts the number of people in the country! The response rate is lagging, at just 55%. Everything from billions of dollars in federal support to political representation is at stake.

Prime Minster@ScottMorrisonMP  has responded to claims made before the Aged Care Royal Commission with regards to the federal government’s planned aged care response to the coronavirus crisis.

Federal task force launched in response to significant increase in carjackings

More than $20 billion. As of today, that’s how much money the federal government has spent on contracts in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to @ProPublica’s database. Here’s a breakdown of where that money has gone (THREAD):

@NBSaphierMD  Except Kamala (to whom you're tacitly referring) didn't compare the diseases but rather federal gov response which, during Ebola, was verifiably better coordinated/communicated & more effective in the extreme. And lessons from Ebola went unheeded by the current 'administration.'

Latest @USTreasury  reports shows Federal deficit at $2.807-trillion so far this fiscal year, a record amount due to Coronavirus response programs. Report also shows record budget outlays for same period at $5.636-trillion. Latest National Debt figure is $26.505-trillion.

Temp dismisses reporter’s query about the lack of federal coronavirus response as a “wiseguy question.”

62% of policy professionals say they are tracking the federal and state response to coronavirus manually, but could there be a better way? Read more from the @POLITICOPro  2020 Policy Insider’s Report to find out:

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The national COVID response was a historic and colossal blunder by the federal government. Six months and this virus is still out of control around the country. Six months wasted.

I will be delivering brief remarks from the Rose Garden at 6:30 P.M. Eastern to update on the Federal Response.

Kentucky gets $45 BILLION more in federal funding than they pay in taxes. New York pays $21 BILLION more in taxes than they get from the feds. So effectively every year NY writes a $21B check to KY. But helping pay for pandemic response is a blue state bailout. Got it.

The federal government isn’t bailing out the states by helping to pay for pandemic expenses. The states are bailing out the federal government by doing all the work of disaster response that President Trump is supposed to do.

Christopher David, a U.S. Naval Academy grad and a Navy veteran, was injured in a confrontation with militarized officers in Portland, Oregon. Now he finds himself a reluctant symbol of the protests taking place there and the federal response to them.

I joined @SenateDems  on a call with the @VP  today to discuss our federal COVID-19 response. They still don't have a plan. The administration doesn’t even have a target number of tests we need to manage this health care crisis. It's beyond unbelievable.

I think of myself as a rational person. I'm a professor. I live & work in a place where everyone values data, science, evidence. So Im struggling to understand the federal government's slow response to #COVID19 . Seems so irrational. Theories please? Genuinely want to understand.

“I want them to be appreciative,” the president says of governors who are criticizing the federal response.

Trump can’t have it both ways. Either the federal government is going to manage the response and pay for it. Or it needs to pay the states to do it. States can’t borrow and run deficits. This is a NATIONAL emergency. Let’s start acting like it.

Alert to the Administration here. This is a federal government-created disaster that requires immediate federal government response and mitigation. Americans' lives are at stake tonight -- this is not a drill.