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a group of seven major central banks including the U.S. Federal Reserve set out how a digital currency might look, in a bid to catch up with China’s “trail blazing” and leapfrog private projects like Facebook Inc’s Libra stablecoin.

The Federal Reserve and US Treasury are sitting on $259 billion in unspent Cares Act $$. Why isn't this money getting spent? Many are urging Congress/WH to use it instead on unemployed, small biz, etc. via @rachsieg  @JStein_Vox  #stimulusbill 

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Monday that the Fed is open to collaborating with the private sector on a possible digital U.S. dollar, but reiterated that the central bank has not committed to actually launching one: @YahooFinance 

The Federal Reserve's Raphael Bostic is "comfortable" with the Fed's current policy stance

The belief that the Federal Reserve and its rigged-casino stock market are permanent and forever is touchingly naive.

FedTakes Cautious Approach to Possibly Issuing Digital Currency: The Federal Reserve is in no hurry to issue a digital currency, Chairman Jerome Powell said, citing unresolved concerns including the potential for theft and… ^WSJ #Business  #Finance  #CFO 

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Is the Federal Reserve contributing to economic #inequality ? Our latest #EconomicLetter  tackles this question directly and discusses how we can move toward a better, more inclusive economic future: | #SFFedResearch  #EconTwitter 

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Federal Reserve debates tougher regulation to prevent asset bubbles -

Ghada Ijam, Chief Information Officer of the Federal Reserve System, recently spoke with @FedNewsRadio . She discussed technology through , #COVID19situational  leadership and #FedWomenn  leadership across the System. Listen now:

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Lastly, so which Corporations will @JoeBiden  be successful taxing.. Who else.. The Banks.. It’s easy money to tax U.S Banking bc they’re the largest benefactor of U.S Govt largess bc of its relationship with Federal Reserve..They’ve got obligation to “Render unto Caesar"..


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BREAKING: President Trump says he has instructed aides to stop negotiating on a coronavirus aid plan until after the election. Trump's announcement comes as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warns the recovery could falter without more federal stimulus.

As usual, Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve are slow to act. Germany and others are pumping money into their economies. Other Central Banks are much more aggressive. The U.S. should have, for all of the right reasons, the lowest Rate. We don’t, putting us at a.....

The Federal Reserve must FINALLY lower the Fed Rate to something comparable to their competitor Central Banks. Jay Powell and group are putting us at a decided economic & physiological disadvantage. Should never have been this way. Also, STIMULATE!

As I predicted, Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve have allowed the Dollar to get so strong, especially relative to ALL other currencies, that our manufacturers are being negatively affected. Fed Rate too high. They are their own worst enemies, they don’t have a clue. Pathetic!

The Federal Reserve is wrong so often. I see the numbers also, and do MUCH better than they do. We will have a very good Third Quarter, a great Fourth Quarter, and one of our best ever years in 2021. We will also soon have a Vaccine & Therapeutics/Cure. That’s my opinion. WATCH!

China dropped the price of their currency to an almost a historic low. It’s called “currency manipulation.” Are you listening Federal Reserve? This is a major violation which will greatly weaken China over time!

The Federal Reserve is cutting but must further ease and, most importantly, come into line with other countries/competitors. We are not playing on a level field. Not fair to USA. It is finally time for the Federal Reserve to LEAD. More easing and cutting!

Our pathetic, slow moving Federal Reserve, headed by Jay Powell, who raised rates too fast and lowered too late, should get our Fed Rate down to the levels of our competitor nations. They now have as much as a two point advantage, with even bigger currency help. Also, stimulate!

The Federal Reserve is derelict in its duties if it doesn’t lower the Rate and even, ideally, stimulate. Take a look around the World at our competitors. Germany and others are actually GETTING PAID to borrow money. Fed was way too fast to raise, and way too slow to cut!

The Federal Reserve loves watching our manufacturers struggle with their exports to the benefit of other parts of the world. Has anyone looked at what almost all other countries are doing to take advantage of the good old USA? Our Fed has been calling it wrong for too long!