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The goal of federal aid to state and local governments shouldn’t just be to restore the pre-COVID status quo. Building back better will require more public investments. Scaling back this aid would make it a significantly worse package.

#BREAKING : The man accused of shooting a security guard at the Norfolk Social Security office building last month has died, according to federal prosecutors. Now, they're motioning to drop the case against him.

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BREAKING: The man who shot a security guard last month while attacking the Social Security Administration building in Norfolk died Wednesday in a local hospital, federal prosecutors said.

2/ I’m thrilled to see President Biden rollback these disastrous executive orders. @PresElectBiden  is committed to building a federal workforce that reflects the diversity of America and strives to root out implicit bias and racism.

The goal of federal aid to state/local governments shouldn’t just be to restore the pre-COVID status quo. Building back better will require more public investments—particularly in education & safety net programs. Scaling back aid would be the wrong choice.

An O'Fallon building company has agreed to pay back $400,000 to settle a complaint by the federal government that it fraudulently accepted $8M worth of contracts that were reserved for disadvantaged small businesses.

In the past, federal student loans were as a workaround to the wealth building function of a college degree. Loans simply don't work that way any more. Instead of closing the racial wealth gap, student loans are *exacerbating* it:

BREAKING: Federal prosecutors have charged a German citizen with passing blueprints and building plans of the Bundestag parliament to a suspected GRU agent in the Russian embassy.

Consensus is building on Capitol Hill around an increase to the federal minimum wage, but the final passage of any legislation appears to hinge on swaying key moderate Democrats or building a bipartisan coalition in support of the pay increase.


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Derrick Evans, a West Virginia lawmaker who livestreamed himself entering the Capitol building during Wednesday’s riot was charged by federal prosecutors in Washington with entering a restricted area

Federal official to CNN: Surveillance videos shows a more dire situation, as lawmakers and staff were taken into hiding.   “It was armed combat in that building,” the federal law enforcement official said. “The MPD saved those people’s lives; it could have been so much worse.”

People were just allowed to leave? After forcing their way into a federal building, damaging federal property, ignoring law enforcement, and jeopardizing the safety of lawmakers, staff and the press?

DMN staff photographer @TomFoxPhoto  captured this image shortly before a gunman opened fire on the federal building'>Earle Cabell Federal Building Monday morning in downtown Dallas. Fox was waiting to enter the building to cover a trial when the attack took place.

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How does breaking windows at a courthouse, setting fire to a federal building, firing guns in crowds, and committing acts of vandalism forward any cause? Actually, don’t bother because there is no good answer. It is self-destructive to any cause you promote.

President Trump sent federal officers to Seattle because he is itching for a confrontation. He wants attention. We shouldn’t give him either. Keep it peaceful, keep the attention where it belongs – on building a better, more just Washington for everyone.

Getting VERY good reviews of the job the Federal Government is doing on CoronaVirus. Ventilators, building hospitals, beds and yes, Testing, have been handled incredibly well. Testing is getting exponentially better every day. Love seeing our Country safely opening up!

The protest then headed to in front of the White House. A protester was taken by the USSS in front of Pennsylvania Ave into an adjacent federal building. Unclear what he did.A couple men then splintered off from the group and spray painted “F*ck Trump” on the building. @CBSNews 

Building a border wall won’t make us any safer. You know what will? Ending this ridiculous #TrumpShutdown  and making sure vital agencies like the US Coast Guard, TSA, and federal law enforcement have the funds they need to maintain our national security.

El Chapo is to be sentenced today in federal court. It's time to put his confiscated assets to work building a wall at the southern border with Mexico. Via @FoxNews