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Sky News host Peta Credlin says state Liberal MPs that go woke “spell disaster” for the federal Liberal and National Party Coalition.

A federal appeals court rules that the Securities and Exchange Commission can’t act like prosecutor, judge and jury. via @WSJopinion 

As the results get finalised in the Federal Election, 7 in 10 Aussies voted for someone other than Labor as their first preference. So, will this be a problem for the new government? The newly-sworn in Treasurer, @JEChalmers  joins us.

'RoCo's Rant' examines the fall-out from the Federal Election, in particular the wacky proposition that in spite of all evidence, the Liberal Party should move further to the right. #auspol  @BrittHiggins_  @TamePunk  @sallymcmanus  @clementine_ford  @TheRealPBarry  @ABCmediawatch 

In Monday's paper: - Native American tribe’s standoff with FBI changed gaming industry - Shooting in Buffalo: US racial shift not proof of conspiracy - Stock market decline: Various factors start slide toward bear market’s jaws - Federal judge rules Title 42 must continue

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European Central Bank echoes robust moves by the Federal Reserve to phase out easy-money policies as inflation increases world-wide

Carbon removal technologies to get $3.5B federal investment

A federal judge in Louisiana ruled Friday that pandemic-related restrictions on migrants seeking asylum on the southern border must continue, blocking President Biden's plan to terminate the Title 42 public health order Monday.

Federal agents seek woman accused of killing pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson in alleged love triangle attack

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The federal government, in initial consultation with its allies, has decided not to interrupt the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s long march if it is kept peaceful. For more: #etribune  #PTI  #LongMarch 


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Retweet if you believe Election Day should be a federal holiday.

Today Trump declared war on the people of the United States, threatening states that if the did not request federal troops in their states, the troops would be deployed forcibly. That’s illegal, and it would invoke a civil war.

Federal ethics law: "An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office to endorse any product, service or enterprise ... "

If you paid $12.99 a month for an Amazon Prime membership, you paid more to Amazon than it paid in federal income taxes over the past 3 years combined—after making nearly $30 billion in profits. Yes. It's time to make corporations pay their fair share of taxes.

Yes. Trump's not alone. Federal income taxes paid by corporations a year after his tax plan was signed into law: $0: Amazon $0: GM $0: Netflix $0: Chevron $0: FedEx $0: Eli Lilly $0: Starbucks Dr. King was right. We have socialism for the rich, rugged capitalism for the rest.

Now that we have witnessed it on a large scale basis, and firsthand, Virtual Learning has proven to be TERRIBLE compared to In School, or On Campus, Learning. Not even close! Schools must be open in the Fall. If not open, why would the Federal Government give Funding? It won’t!!!

MANY people in custody, with many others being sought for Vandalization of Federal Property in Lafayette Park. 10 year prison sentences! @FBIWFO 

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The coronavirus is at record numbers. It's raging out of control. Where the hell is the federal government? Where the hell is our national leadership? I cannot imagine this level of dereliction of duty in any other administration I have seen in my (long) lifetime.

Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding.

BIG VICTORY for patients – Federal court UPHOLDS hospital price transparency. Patients deserve to know the price of care BEFORE they enter the hospital. Because of my action, they will. This may very well be bigger than healthcare itself. Congratulations America!