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Really @FDD ? No audience questions for Brian Hook at #FDDSummit ? Really?

Brian Hook at #FDDSummit  makes it sound like Trump put pre-conditions on meeting with Iran. But Trump specifically said "no pre-conditions."

Either Dir Pompeo is just parroting POTUS talking points or he’s making major split from rest of the IC on Russia meddling. #FDDSummit 

CIA Director Pompeo: DPRK is close enough to nuclear tipped ICBM capability that we ought to behave as if they’re on the cusp #FDDSummit 

McMaster on the IRGC: "They are a great narcotics trafficking organization." #FDDSummit 

CIA Director Pompeo’s comments today at the #FDDSummit  conflict with the IC's assessment:

#FDDSummit HR McMaster "running out of time" on NK. Need for urgency, efforts short of war. Only acceptable outcome is de-nuclearization.

#FDDSummit Nat'l Sec. Adv H.R. McMaster discussing nat'l security challenges. Strategy now intended to shift balance back in favor of US.

Honored to participate in @FDD  #FDDSummit , interviewing CIA Dir Pompeo & introducing Nat'l Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. Great discussion.