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What is truth in fascism? “Fascism as a mythical movement that regards its reality not as a demonstration but as a faith, fascism is a-scientific. As a believed truth it overcomes the demonstrated truth.” — Federico Forni, Fascist theorist under Mussolini.

What a bs. Your fascism wave didn't succeed. You are a disgrace.

Fascists elevate myth to truth and then proceed to change history to conform to the selected myth. The eternal truth in fascism is the truth of the selected myth. Like Aryan supremacy for Nazis. This is then used to rewrite all of history creating a new reality for followers.

Fascism’s messianic religious conception relied on creating an enemy that, as they imagined it, stood against the truth and thereby needed to be repressed and eventually eliminated.” Finchelstein, Federico.

Fascism should be understood as a religion. And the conversion to fascism, a sort of religious experience that exposes the converted to the truth “truth” which is not visible to those not fit or ready to perceive it.

Fascism at its core a devastatingly simple enterprise that only require a certain proportion of gullible sheep in the population. Once you light the fascist fire, the rest is much like a self-fulling prophecy. As Arendt said, Fascists create the reality they imagine.

What is a lie in fascism? Lies were not empirically falsifiable statements; for Codreanu, rather, they were the expression of a “lack of consciousness towards the fulfillment of duty, the same spirit of betrayal to everything that is Romanian.” Lies are put out by enemies.

Forgive my apparent bitterness on here. Cassius can’t put any weight on her hind leg. The vet is *optimistically* ruling out hip dysplasia (x-rays next week), but it looks like she fucked up her knee. I’m mad broke & unemployed. And also we both hate fascism, so fuck those fucks.

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@DavidAstinWalsh  @nochilljohnganzthis  is going to sound silly but i continue to think that it ultimately makes more sense to talk about "fascism " as a vibe than as a coherent anything. as john has said, there can be movements and currents within a democratic society that are fascistic

The protestors apparently want 'free abortion, free education, and schools free of fascism.'


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Election officials are saying they fear for their lives. The president's son is calling for "total war." The president's former top adviser is calling for the beheading of the FBI chief. But yeah, those of us who talk of authoritarianism & fascism, we're the alarmists, right?

The choice today is not Democrat or Republican. It is democracy or fascism. The world is watching.

1/9 I am a veteran. I volunteered for military service during wartime. So did my father. His generation saved the world from fascism.

Mark Zuckerberg has raked in $40,800,000,000 since the pandemic began. That's 136 times the $300 million donation he hopes will distract us from all the ways he's allowed fascism and misinformation to erode our democracy. Billionaire philanthropy won't save us. Tax the rich.

It's becoming clearer by the day that the choice in November is not Democrat or Republican. It is democracy or fascism.

Please don't spread this video of a student being dragged away by cops as she accuses Steven Mnuchin of engaging in "the politics of fascism." Mnuchin asked UCLA not to post it. Thank you.

I have held off using the f word for three and a half years, but there is no longer any honest alternative. Trump is a fascist, and he is promoting fascism in America.

The Republican Party is the enemy of the American people. The Senate just passed the Trump Tax Increase, 1:50am, enriching the 1% & concentrating wealth in the hands of the few. Capitalism & Fascism. The coup is underway. Make no mistake about it. EVERYONE OFF THE BENCH! 11/6/18!