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“Food-supply workers — from farmworkers to grocery store clerks — are risking their lives every day to keep us fed, often in unsafe conditions, and far too often making starvation wages.” @BuzzFeedNews  #longreads 

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"The pandemic has highlighted 2 major problems w/American agriculture: the shortage of qualified + willing farmworkers + the unfair treatment they receive. We must protect this workforce...." | New op-ed by farmer @JoeDelBosque  in the @ocregister :

An outbreak of the novel coronavirus among farmworkers in California's Salinas Valley spawned a coalition of former adversaries that is racing to safeguard both the workers & the farms where they work. Story by @lizabio  for FERN & @UnivisionNews :

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The tough work of protecting farmworkers, opposition to state's worship restrictions, and why homelessness is "the real pandemic." Here's what you need to know to start your day:

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As @lizabio  states: "Eskenazi’s groundbreaking CHAMACOS study, which documented pesticides’ harmful effects on the children of farmworkers in the Salinas Valley, relied on partnerships with agricultural leaders to reduce childhood disease. "

Ag Insider July 7 — House panel votes to block Trump rules restricting SNAP access; an alliance races to protect Californiafarmworkers

Dozens of farmworkers staying at a Southern California housing facility for migrant agricultural laborers tested positive for the coronavirus last week.


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THANK YOU -- to all the workers in the food industry. The grocery workers. Fast food workers. Farmworkers. Agricultural workers. Delivery drivers. You are not only essential -- you are VALUED.

Grocery store employees and farmworkers are working hard to make sure we have the supplies we need to stay home and safe. Be sure to thank them the next time you see them.

THANK YOU, FARMWORKERS: Mariachis played a festive and moving tribute to hard-working immigrant farmworkers in Oxnard who are risking their safety to feed a nation on lockdown during the #CoronavirusPandemic 

Frontline workers—including grocery and pharmacy workers, warehouse workers, medical personnel, farmworkers, food processing workers, truck drivers, postal workers, delivery drivers, and janitors—must be provided hazard pay, child care, and safe working conditions.

If our farmworkers fall ill, we go hungry. Our health and wellbeing are all interconnected. We must put an end to their cramped, impoverished conditions, and provide free health care, paid sick leave, and good wages—regardless of immigration status.

Farmworkers are keeping America fed, working without protective equipment and no access to health care. But now the Trump administration wants to cut wages for workers on seasonal visas. Once again, Trump and his enablers are targeting the immigrants who keep America going.

Farmworkers are still in the fields (without protective gear) to ensure America has food to eat during this crisis. Nearly half are undocumented and won't get a penny from the stimulus package. Remember this the next time you hear Trump and Republicans demonize immigrants.

When journalists write about rural America, we tend to focus on white voters, on truck-stop diners or on farm owners. Rarely are farmworkers—mostly Latino, Spanish speaking, often undocumented—at the center. How I began reporting on CA water inequities:

Farmworkers are typically paid a salary at or below the federal poverty line, and they often work more than 12 hours a day in the hot sun. Congress must pass the Fairness for Farm Workers Act to strengthen critical overtime and other protections. It’s about basic fairness.

Reports from the that 26 farmworkers were arrested by ICE last week are deeply troubling. Workers who contribute to our country shouldn’t be targeted for deportation just to score political points. We must pass my bill to provide farmworkers a path to citizenship.