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Intensive farming practices have left us disengaged from the sources of our food, and questions are increasingly being raised about how to eat with a conscience (LNL via ) @RadioNational 

Farming can wait when there's live golf on! 🤣 #DDFIrishOpen 

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“Once we’ve built these tools, whether they’re farming implements or computers, they begin to shape us in really powerful ways." @deboraspar  via @WGBH 

Joe Biden and other Democrats back regenerative farming, which pulls carbon from the atmosphere and restores nutrients.

The European Union’s proposed overhaul of agricultural production methods is not just bad for Europe — it threatens food security in the poorest of nations that look to the EU as role model for farming and a trading partner.

New farming project in hydro corridor aims to bring healthier food to Flemingdon Park

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In capitalism one eats food they pay for. You pay for the food from your pocket or by farming it yourself.

Riverford's employee ownership structure and organic sourcing & farming policies were major factors in its certification through the ethical business scheme

11th Pising (Vegetable) Harvest Festival in Lingayen Integrated Landscape Farming in Lingayen plaza. The project was initiated by Lingayen Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil during the start of the pandemic. | via Liezle Basa Inigo

‘Kiss The Ground’ – A documentary on climate change, calls for an alternative approach to farming.


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I constantly receive clips showing how creatively our farming communities turn bikes & tractor into multi-tasking machines. Here’s one application I never would have dreamed of. Maybe @continentaltire  should have a special brand named ‘Corntinental?’

The Govt whipped their MPs to vote against protecting our high food and farming standards last night. This is a disgrace.

"Farming here in the state California isn't the easiest, and every day since you've been in office, you've done exactly what you promised."

I received this letter from a farmer in northeast Kansas. His wife is ill and he is aging. He sent me 1 of 5 N95 masks he has from farming to pass on to a doctor or nurse in New York. This is humanity at its best. I share his letter as inspiration.

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Governor Jerry Brown must allow the Free Flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the North and foolishly being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Can be used for fires, farming and everything else. Think of California with plenty of Water - Nice! Fast Federal govt. approvals.

Greetings on Sikkim’s Statehood Day. Home to talented and compassionate people, Sikkim has enriched national progress in many sectors. Sikkim’s progress in areas like organic farming have been admired all over. Praying for Sikkim’s progress in the years to come.

Whilst we are fully focused on COVID some bad stuff sneaks In. Yesterday’s Rejection of amendment to protect food standards in agri bill is really bad and dangerous. Have we learnt nothing? Pandemics come from poor farming conditions and pillage of wildlife.

In every decision we make, we are honoring America’s PROUD FARMING LEGACY. Years of crushing taxes, crippling regs, & corrupt politics left our communities hurting, our economy stagnant, & millions of hardworking Americans COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN. But they are not forgotten ANYMORE!

Today, here in Iowa, we honor America’s cherished farming heritage. We salute your commitment to American Energy Independence — and we celebrate the bright future we are forging together powered by clean, affordable AMERICAN ETHANOL!

Mathematician Dr. Gladys West was born to a farming family in a community of sharecroppers. At a young age, she realized that education could get her out of the fields. She was inducted into the Air Force Hall of Fame for her contributions to the GPS.