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FAKE NEWS TOWN HALL: @stinchfield1776  reveals the lies purported by the 'main stream media' and their attack on @realDonaldTrump .

The United States shows more CASES than other countries, which the fake news media'>Lamestream Fake News Media pounces on daily, because it TESTS at such a high (and costly) level. No country in the world tests at this level. The more you TEST, the more CASES you will be reporting. Very simple!

FAKE NEWS: 8 untrue stories from the past week circulated widely on social media

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There’s been movement at the fake news station this past week: all the old media regrets over coverage of Clinton’s emails seemed suddenly forgotten, bringing the long campaign for reliable news to an inflexion point, writes @Chrisjwarren .

Facebook, fake news, Rupert Murdoch — whatever the causes of the media's misery, the government must act now.

The fake-news corporate media is truly the Enemy of the People

“Lock him up” chants. The fake-news media wants to protect Biden at all costs — but the people know that the Biden Crime Family is compromised by the most serious enemies of our country, China and Russia.

"We can't let them get away with it any longer," says @POTUS  of "the fake news media."

Despite his repeated attacks on journalists as 'fake news' and the 'enemy of the people' Donald Trump has in many ways been a gift to the media | @KnottMatthew 


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If a Republican LIED like Biden and Harris do, constantly, the Lamestream Media would be calling them out at a level never recorded before. For one year they called for No Fracking and big Tax Increases. Now they each say opposite. Fake News is working overtime!



The Democrats, together with the corrupt Fake News Media, have launched a massive Disinformation Campaign the likes of which has never been seen before. They will say anything, like their recent lies about me and the Military, and hope that it sticks... But #MAGA  gets it!

A massive Disinformation Campaign is going on by the Democrats, their partner, the Fake News Media, & Big Tech. They create false stories and then push them like has never been done before, even beyond the 2016 Campaign. It imperils our Country, and must stop now. Victory 2020!

If I ever said something so mortifyingly stupid, the Fake News Media would come down on me with a vengeance. This is beyond a normal mistake. Why isn’t the media reporting it?

New China Virus Cases up (because of massive testing), deaths are down, “low and steady”. The Fake News Media should report this and also, that new job numbers are setting records!

The Lamestream Media is doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy. As long as everybody understands what they are doing, that they are FAKE NEWS and truly bad people with a sick agenda, we can easily work through them to GREATNESS!

It is amazing that I became President of the United States with such a totally corrupt and dishonest Lamestream Media going after me all day, and all night. Either I’m really good, far better than the Fake News wants to admit, or they don’t have nearly the power as once thought!