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Our goal every day is to save lives and protect people who have been forced to flee their homes. These don't help: 😲 Rumours. 🥸 False claims. 🤨 Speculation. 🤫 Misinformation. 😬 Fake news. #TakeCareBeforeYouShare 

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A bold @theSNP  manifesto with lots of ideas to move Scotland forward. Particularly pleased with the commitment on tackling disinformation, starting with young people: 'We will support teachers with materials to teach young people about the dangers of disinformation and fake news'

'Journalistic malpractice' | #CNN  video of Russian tanks near Ukrainian border branded fake news Follow us on Telegram

[SURVEY] @AfricaCheck  wants to help you better understand health misinformation and how “fake news” spreads. Stand a chance to win 20GB of data by completing our short survey.

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When the right mistakes fake news for real news, you have to ask yourself some serious questions WATCH: @JohnCornyn  gets decimated by Biden nominee after he's confused by satirical op-ed

#CNN video of Russian tanks near Ukrainian border branded fake news.

Fake news to use word riot. Thousands of people peacefully protested against lockdowns destruction of human rights. Few idiots were violent Man accused of launching firework during anti-lockdown “riot” could face more charges -

#Bhopal : The administration is fearing that fake news will deteriorate the law and order situation in the city. @ReporterRavish ( )

If this were the former team, they'd be preparing to label any inflation spike "fake news" 3/

Ben Gurion University epidemiologist Dr Nadav Davidovitch says one of the key factors in Israel’s successful vaccine rollout is an investment of "quite a lot of energy in fighting fake news".


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Where the hell is the Durham Report? They spied on my campaign, colluded with Russia (and others), and got caught. Read the Horowitz Reports about Comey & McCabe. Even the Fake News@nytimes  said “bad”. They tried it all, and failed, so now they are trying to steal the election!

Wow! Twitter bans highly respected Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano after he did a great job of leading a hearing on the 2020 Election fraud. They and the Fake News, working together, want to SILENCE THE TRUTH. Can’t let that happen. This is what Communist countries do!

He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!

The Radical Left Democrats, working with their partner, the Fake News Media, are trying to STEAL this Election. We won’t let them!

Just arrived at Virtual G20. Was here yesterday also (early), but some of the Fake News Media failed to report it accurately - as usual. My speech is available (they said I didn’t make a speech).

Why does the Fake News Media continuously assume that Joe Biden will ascend to the Presidency, not even allowing our side to show, which we are just getting ready to do, how badly shattered and violated our great Constitution has been in the 2020 Election. It was attacked,..

@FoxNews  and the Fake News Networks aren’t showing these massive gatherings. Instead they have their reporters standing in almost empty streets. We now have SUPPRESSION BY THE PRESS. MAGA!

A guy named Al Schmidt, a Philadelphia Commissioner and so-called Republican (RINO), is being used big time by the Fake News Media to explain how honest things were with respect to the Election in Philadelphia. He refuses to look at a mountain of corruption & dishonesty. We win!