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Twitter said it would allow some users to fact-check misleading tweets. Users who join the program, called Birdwatch, can add notes to rebut false or misleading posts and rate the reliability of the fact-checking annotations made by other users.

#FactCheck: Did MTN give out N15,000 airtime as customer reward program? VERDICT ❌ FalseRead here:

Twitter Unveils “Birdwatch,” A New Platform Where Users Fact-Check Tweets FdgJFDDC3H#zerohedge 

Twitter Unveils 'Birdwatch,' a New Platform Where Users Fact-Check Tweets @robbysoave  / Reason)

Fact-check: Is Biden 'destroying 11,000 jobs' by revoking Keystone pipeline?

Don't let the days pass by 159 Days Left Get up get out Fact-check everything Make ur own decision Don't let others manipulate u Truth in short supply You ain't no fool You ain't Rosemary's baby You ain't crazy Forget the emotions Make an inform decision

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Coming up at midnight, we have a FactCheck into claims that the lack of deaths and hospitalisations from flu is because cases are being diagnosed as Covid-19 instead.

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Factcheck: Was Donald Trump the best-ever President for the US economy? (Spolier: obvs not, but who was?)

Great fact-check from CNN’s@ddale8  of President Biden’s false claim about how ambitious is “100 million vaccines” goal is. Dale is getting pushback on Twitter, but glad to see he’s doing this.


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Brexit did not speed up UK vaccine authorisation. Read the full @FactCheck  analysis here:

Based on a variety of shoddy rationales, both Twitter and Facebook prevented dissemination of the story PRIOR to any fact-check. Twitter started suspending people who tweeted out the link. This is pure, unbridled insanity.

Self-own—WaPo’s triumphant “fact-check”: it’s not true that ALL of the most dangerous US cities are governed by Dems; ONLY 19 of the top 20 are! OK then....

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HUGE. Twitter on Tuesday slapped a fact-check label on President Trump’s tweets for the first time, a response to long-standing criticism that the company is too hands-off when it comes to policing misinformation and falsehoods from world leaders.

Trump is flat out lying to the American people and right now our network and all networks should be cutting in to FactCheck him. If we’re going to carry these ridiculous briefings, we need to give it context and we need to fact check a President who has trouble with the truth

FACT-CHECK: Pres. Trump is trying to blame the WHO for its early coronavirus response and basically "taking China's word" - here was Pres. Trump in *January*:

Fact-check: The Judiciary Committee has never investigated allegations like Dr. Blasey Ford's on its own. That has ALWAYS been the FBI's job. Investigations should not be done by partisan Republican staff.

If "(Hitler Gassed Millions)" is in a fact-check chyron under your face, you aren't having a great day.

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