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The House passed a bill Thursday that funds the government through Feb. 18 and avoids a short-term shutdown after midnight Friday, but quick Senate approval was in doubt because of a fight over President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

SLIDING INTO YOUR DMs? The new Debt Collection Rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allows debt collectors to contact you on Facebook, Twitter, whatever social media account you have.

Facebook’s struggle with Gateway Pundit highlights challenge of containing disinformation

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Senate passes stopgap funding bill, avoiding shutdown

PDP leadership urged to block Senate chief whip’s ‘return bid’ via @todayng 

Facebook sold ads that compared vaccines to the Holocaust and said 'Make Hanging Traitors Great Again' via @businessinsider 

Dulay: “As long as it is within our powers and jurisdiction as mandated under the Tax Code, the BIR will cooperate with the Senate in its investigation about the alleged anomalous government procurement deals for the country’s COVID-19 response.” READ:

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The Senate narrowly voted to advance the nomination of Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins to be the state’s next US attorney for Massachusetts, clearing a key hurdle in one of the more bitter partisan fights over a Biden administration nominee.

Officials say headphones led them to 14-year-old's killer, ex-Epstein staffer testifies teen accusers visited mansion, Senate averts shutdown and more:

"The disconnect is raising fresh questions about the substance, purpose and theater of the Senate’s confirmation process that some say is badly broken." via @LisaMascaro 


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Driving home tonight, I thought about Republicans' floor speeches today on the "sanctity of life". And how this concern for "life" apparently doesn't extend to the kids who were shot today in a school in Michigan. So I turned the car around, and went to the Senate floor.

‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies

If Senate Republicans fail to convict Donald Trump, it won't be because the facts were with him or his lawyers mounted a competent defense. It will be because the jury includes his co-conspirators.

All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check "who doesn't need it." Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!

I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately..

With the attack by the Radical Left Dems on the Republican Senate, the Presidency becomes even more important!

Wow! It looks like Michigan has now found the ballots necessary to keep a wonderful young man, John James, out of the U.S. Senate. What a terrible thing is happening!

So terrible that Facebook and Twitter took down the story of “Smoking Gun” emails related to Sleepy Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in the @nypost . It is only the beginning for them. There is nothing worse than a corrupt politician. REPEAL SECTION 230!!!