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RIL, Google, Facebook come together in an India payments foray

Facebook has run ads attacking Apple over new iPhone privacy settings. Microsoft and Google have traded barbs over legislation in Australia. The big-tech wars are heating up

The new umbrella entity (NUE) will be jointly promoted by a Reliance unit and Infibeam Avenues' So Hum Bharat, while Facebook and Google will hold smaller stakes of less than 20% each. ET decodes it all for you

Amazon, Google and Facebook restrict the sale of medical-grade masks. The rules are outdated, critics say, especially given the spread of more infectious coronavirus variants and the abundance of masks that are gathering dust in warehouses across the U.S.

#ETReports | Reliance has partnered with Google and Facebook to set up a New Umbrella Entity (NUE). The NUE will allow them to create a #payment  network similar to UPI @GoogleIndia  @facebook  #MukeshAmbani 

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Time to pay | Australia forces Google & Facebook to fork out money for news content MORE:

I know loads of folks who've spent fortunes on Facebook & Google ads, but find when they pull back that spend, only a small portion of sales are lost. AirBnB's confirming the same thing. GG/FB are happy to take your ad $$ and claim credit. But, how much lift do they deliver?

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Breaking News Florida Governor Makes Takes Moves to Divest State Funds from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter. I'll ask @Rep_Matt_Gaetz 

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US tech companies founded by 1st/2nd generation immigrants ?? Apple Google Facebook Amazon Oracle IBM Uber Yahoo EMC eBay AT&T Tesla Reddit

Is it time to think about breaking up Amazon,Facebook,Twitter and Google w/ antitrust actions? Do they have too much power as monopolies and thus inhibit competition of ideas? Thoughts?

If how big tech handled the NY Post story on the Biden scandal doesn’t make you realize how biased and dishonest Google, Facebook and Twitter are, you are beyond help.

Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats. But fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before! #MAGA 

The only “Collusion” is that of the Democrats with Russia and many others. Why didn’t the FBI take the Server from the DNC? They still don’t have it. Check out how biased Facebook, Google and Twitter are in favor of the Democrats. That’s the real Collusion!

Wow, Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton. Very dishonest media!

Facebook, Twitter and Google are so biased toward the Dems it is ridiculous! Twitter, in fact, has made it much more difficult for people to join . They have removed many names & greatly slowed the level and speed of increase. They have acknowledged-done NOTHING!

The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation. Stay tuned, and send names & events. Thank you Michelle!

Here's how old these companies will be turning in 2018: Snapchat: 7 years Uber: 9 years Twitter: 12 years Facebook: 14 years Tesla: 15 years Google: 20 years Netflix: 21 years Amazon: 24 years Apple: 42 years Intel: 50 years HP: 79 years Disney: 95 years IBM: 107 years