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The health condition of the veteran Congress leader deteriorated on November 23 and doctors termed him 'extremely critical'. #TarunGogoi  #Assam 

Etilaat Roz newspaper and its editor-in-chief, Zaki Daryabi, have been shortlisted for Anti-Corruption Award 2020 for having "a prominent role in challenging government corruption despite extremely critical situation for independent journalists and free speech in Afghanistan."

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Leading Black writers were extremely critical of Obama’s approach to racial issues — an approach that was often not great! — but said approach was good at winning votes in Iowa.

Authorities say a 16-year-old boy remains in extremely critical condition after being hit by a car over the weekend.

🔊 An extremely close U.S. presidential election hangs in the balance with Biden leading in two critical Midwestern states that Trump won in 2016. Audio update 👇

#USElection : Florida is critical if Trump is to win, Biden doesn't have to get it. Currently Trump edging slightly ahead i #Florida  - but it's extremely tight. Read the latest 👇

Tamil Nadu Agriculture Minister R Doraikkannu, admitted for Covid-19, is extremely critical, a hospital treating him said here on Saturday.


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Dangerous Critical to Extremely Critical fire weather conditions are expected across portions of northern California today, as strong offshore winds occur over critically dry fuels. Strongest winds are expected tonight into early Monday morning.

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I implore @brianstelter  to google Critical Race Theory and "Whiteness" so that he can accurately define these terms to his audience. Brian, CRT is extremely racist and Whiteness includes the idea that "hard work" is a "white" trait Its extremely racist

Elizabeth Warren has a big following among progressive insiders because of these kinds of extremely under the radar yet critical battles over things like transnational bankruptcy rules. Sounds boring and wonky but this stuff is where all the money and power is.

Extremely critical fire weather will continue Thursday in Southern California

⚠️ RED FLAG WARNING ⚠️ Extremely critical fire weather conditions will arrive Tuesday night and continue through Thursday afternoon. This has the potential to be the strongest Santa Ana wind event so far this season. Now is the time to prepare! ? #cawx 

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"These elections in 2019 are extremely critical for the people of India, Pls vote carefully this time. I appeal everyone to Vote for Left & Pinarai Vijayan Sahab in Kerala."-

Goa Chief Minister's Office: Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's health condition is extremely critical. Doctors are trying their best.

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8 people were shot during a dice game at an apartment complex in San Bernardino, California, according to police who initially said 10 had been shot. A 17-year-old is in grave condition and two other victims are in extremely critical condition, police say

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Interesting. NBA players are very politically active and extremely critical of this presidential administration, but no effect. Why?

Man shoots woman, kills himself inside Chicago Nordstrom store, police say. She is in extremely critical condition.