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St. Louis-area man victim in federal extortion trial, linked to online hate group (Story by @rxpatrick )

Jury selection begins today in Concord, New Hampshire in the federal criminal trial of Christopher Cantwell, the racist, antisemitic, homophobic, misogynistic and overwhelmingly hateful and vile podcaster charged with extortion and cyberstalking.

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The trial of Rui Pinto, whose website ‘Football Leaks’ published documents that exposed the expensive dealings of European soccer clubs, has kicked off. Pinto faces 90 charges, including unauthorized access to data and attempted extortion

Rui Pinto, the Portuguese man believed to be the mastermind behind Football Leaks, has been freed from house arrest and is now in witness protection as he awaits trial for attempted extortion and other crimes

Former reality TV star and Penthouse pet, Suzi Taylor, has been committed to stand trial for extortion. A court hearing evidence, the victim knew she was a prostitute, and may have agreed to pay her for sex. @rosalives  #7NEWS 

Bayer surrenders to trial-lawyer extortion over scientifically bogus glyphosate weedkiller cancer claims.

Second trial begins for Little Rock man in online extortion, child-porn case

He faces Dec. trial date in OC and another trial in NY, following conviction on Nike extortion charges in NY in February. (Deleted tweet saying last year.)

*BREAKING* Nazi podcaster Christopher Cantwell will remain in jail. A federal judge has ordered that Cantwell be detained while he awaits trial on charges of threats and extortion. You can find my threads related to these criminal proceedings here:

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Two Americans charged with aggravated murder and extortion in the stabbing death of an Italian police officer last July went on trial Wednesday in Rome, claiming self-defense


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WH Counsel Patrick Philbin: "If this were a criminal trial in ordinary court & Mr. Schiff had done what he just did...& start talking about crimes of bribery & extortion that were not in the indictment, it would've been an automatic mistrial." Watch --

BREAKING: Michael Avenatti found guilty on 3 counts in Nikeextortion trial

Disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti has been found guilty on all 3 counts of extortion in Nike trial.

Michael Avenatti is found guilty in federal court on all 3 counts in his Nikeextortion trial

JUST IN: Michael Avenatti has been found guilty in federal court on all three counts in his Nikeextortion trial

'CNN hardest hit': The Resistance's favorite lawyer Michael Avenatti has just been found guilty on all counts in Nikeextortion trial

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "I don't know who came up with the idea, 'Let's hold the articles back until Mitch McConnell does things we like in terms of the trial. Let's hold the articles back maybe forever.' That's Constitutional extortion."

Can anyone remember another head of a national party who was under trial for heinous crimes like murder, kidnapping, extortion? A new low.