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Brisbane commuters are being warned to brace for peak hour traffic chaos due to a planned protest by climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion. @Bianca_Stone  is there.

Brisbane commuters are warned to prepare for traffic chaos in the CBD this morning. Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion is planning another protest through city streets. #qldtraffic  #7NEWS 

One of Britain's most senior police officers has urged Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters to "behave like adults" and stop "going floppy" when they get arrested

Scotland Yard’s deputy commissioner branded Extinction Rebellion a “flipping nuisance”

Police chief calls Extinction Rebellion a 'nuisance' as they 'go floppy' during arrests

Can you spot a waving Larch from Extinction Rebellion, who has been living in a tree on Parliament Square for the past 16 days? @XRebellionUK ⁩

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Drones similar to those deployed in Syria could be used to fight groups like Extinction Rebellion

Top cop slams Extinction Rebellion protestors as a 'complete pain in the neck' when they deliberately go limp at arrest


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We apologise to readers who may be unable to buy their usual newspaper this morning. Overnight printing of The Times was disrupted by Extinction Rebellion — alongside other newspapers. We are working to get newspapers delivered to retailers as soon as possible.

Tory press falls for Priti Patel bluster about “tough” new laws to deal with Extinction Rebellion direct action. Maybe Home Secretary should just enforce existing laws which protect peoples’ right to go about their lawful business, such as delivering newspapers.

High correlation between people relaxed about no deal disruption and people intensely worried about Extinction Rebellion disruption

'It's my generation that's caused all this trouble, so here I am.' This 91-year-old protester was arrested halfway through an interview with @AyshahTull , after he joined in on the Extinction Rebellion blockade in Dover.

The Extinction Rebellion consuming London streets is an inspiration. This is real politics. Imagine the same rebellion in support of Julian Assange. Now is the time to show the thugs who rule and arrest and their tame Vichy journalists that "ye are many, they are few".

I only started coming to work by tube because of Greta Thunberg. And now I run the risk of the train being hijacked by the lunatic fringe of Extinction Rebellion. Would they rather we all drove? Targeting commuters on public transport is a staggeringly stupid move.

This week, Extinction Rebellion shut down 60 cities globally. Here's @MrNishKumar 's take on it all... #TheMashReport 

I hope it rains all over Extinction Rebellion today. The planet needs the water, and they all need a good shower.

"We will never stop fighting for this planet." 16-year-old climate activist addresses the Extinction Rebellion protest in London.

You don't have to agree with Extinction Rebellion to regard this Adam Boulton interview as completely unprofessional, rude, aggressive, Trumpian, without even a hint of impartiality. This is Fox News level.