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Tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes says massive investments in renewable energy initiatives could lift Australia out of recession by creating jobs, lowering power prices and generating new export revenue streams | @carawaters 

Small things aggregated at the larger level can give us solutions to country's export competitiveness and also give us ways to expand domestic manufacturing to meet the needs of aspirational India at competitive prices.

"Russia and Saudi Arabia are basically petrostates that export oil and almost nothing else. So propping up oil prices is a way for Trump to help his two favorite autocrats," writes @paulkrugman .

GOI was permitting the export of ventilators, surgical masks, face masks etc. outside India at 10 times the prices. Is it not true that GOI was profiteering at the cost of health of Coronavirus patients, our doctors & health professionals: Shri@rssurjewala  #AbKaroDeshKiRakhwali 

Saudi Arabia cut its oil export oil prices by nearly 10% on Saturday. The dramatic move came in retaliation for Russia’s refusal to join OPEC in a large production cut as the coronavirus continues to slow the global economy.

Actually US export prices to China fell more, probably bc the Chinese found it easier to find alternatives to US soybeans etc than we found alternatives to Chinese products 4/

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One reason is that despite many, many false claims by Trump, US consumers paid the tariffs — which we can see by the fact that Chineseexport prices didn't fall 3/

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Here's what we know about Iran: → They shot down a US drone. → They fund terrorism around the world. → They want to disrupt oil prices by attacking Saudi Arabia. Thank goodness Repubs lifted America's oil export ban and that Pres@realDonaldTrump  terminated the weak Iran deal.

Meaning that Americans now get to pay higher prices for imported goods, and also higher taxes to aid farmers whose export markets are shrinking.

A note for Tariff Man, who thinks foreigners pay tariffs. Here are steel prices in the US and world export markets as the Trump tariff went into effect, from Kind of looks as if Americans paid the tariff, doesn't it?

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